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Protests in 32 Russian cities for "military mobilization": at least 700 arrests.  Mess in reserve lists already registered by mistake - videos

Protests in 32 Russian cities for “military mobilization”: at least 700 arrests. Mess in reserve lists already registered by mistake – videos

The protests during the RussiaAfter the announcement of the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putinwho started military mobilization And in the last hours, sign it More restrictive laws for those who refuse to respond to military enlistment. The fugitives, in fact, would be punished with five to ten years in prison. According to the NGO, Information Ovd“previously 707 people stopped in 32 cities Russians”, more than half of them are in the capital alone He fliesOn the sidelines of the protests, the call for mobilization. At the same time, the head of the Moscow Human Rights Committee said, Valery Fadeev, He raised some criticism against the Russian Defense Ministry. In fact Fadeev asked the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoiguto put an end tobrutal behavior“They were appointed by several agents present in the country’s conscription committees, stressing that even men who had no experience in the military were called to join the conscription committee. 300 thousand (which can also arrive in a millionAnd the so) called to fight Kyiv. But in his address to the newspaper The Nation, Russian President Putin announced that only men who have already served in the army, who have previous combat experience and, accordingly, who have achieved military specialties, will be called up. President of the Republic of Sakha in the Siberian Yakutia region, Aisin NikolaevHe stated: “Reservists were incorrectly recruitedIt must be returned. Work has already begun.”

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