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Can't stop coughing?  Pharmacists' trick will make you sleep peacefully

Can't stop coughing? Pharmacists' trick will make you sleep peacefully

Do you often find yourself unable to stop coughing? Here's a pharmacists' trick that will help you sleep better.

In this very cold period of the year, when there are many cases of influenza and colds, one of the most common and widespread symptoms in our cities is certainly cough. Until some time ago (and in many cases still today) the latter was the main symptom of Covid-19, through which it manifested itself to everyone. But today we know that this is not the only reason why we often suffer from a persistent cough.

So, if that cough becomes so persistent, even at night, that you can't sleep, what can you do? Let's see a A very effective trick, recommended by pharmacists, to calm her down in a short time.

Stop coughing: with this trick you will sleep better!

Cough, as we said previously, is one of the symptoms of a cold or flu that affects our body, especially during this period. In fact, in winter, when temperatures drop dramatically, the environments we go to become increasingly hotter due to air conditioning (which tends to tickle the throat), and the cold always seems to be around the corner. Even when it seems that we have recovered, the cough torments us for more and more days.

The problem starts to appear when the latter also appears at night. A cough that is really hard to bear and keeps us awake for several hours, without allowing us to sleep a wink, making us have a sleepless night. Here because It is good to put the pharmacists' trick into practice.

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Pharmacist's trick to eliminate cough (

Usually when we feel a tickle in our throat or have a very strong and dry cough, we tend to drink a little water, or swallow a teaspoon of honey or a little sugar to relieve this enormous discomfort, but it does not always work. Better to make us stop And so experts, especially pharmacists, have thought about putting another into practice The trick is to touch your throat at a very specific point.

The first thing to do, when the cough returns to visit us during the night, is definitely Sit up straight and press your finger (gently if possible) on the middle of the throat, where we have a “little hole” so to speak, where the skin is a little softer. At this point, just press lightly for a few minutes and your cough will disappear in no time: simple and effective!