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Prevention rules and tools, from vaccines to monoclonals

Prevention rules and tools, from vaccines to monoclonals

The circular on prevention and immunization measures has been published since then Respiratory syncytial virusIt was signed by the Director General of Health Prevention at the Ministry of Health, Francesco Vaia. This virus is “rapidly transmitted” and “causes annual epidemics during the fall and winter seasons,” according to the circular seen by Adenchronos Health and addressed to regional health departments and competent institutions.

Syncytial virus, Ministry circular

I Respiratory syncytial virusThe publication continues, “The leading cause of bronchiolitis and subsequently hospitalization in children younger than 1 year, acute respiratory infections, and bronchitis asthma/asthma in children, adolescents, and young adults, and exacerbation of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) in adults and older adults.” Age and interstitial pneumonia with acute respiratory distress syndrome in the elderly, especially in the presence of concomitant diseases (chronic lung, chronic heart, cerebrovascular, chronic kidney and other conditions affecting immunity).

Currently, “there are no specific therapeutic options to treat severe forms of lower respiratory tract disease in both newborns and adults, and are limited to symptomatic treatments and supportive measures (hydration and oxygenation).” Regarding prevention, “ECDC recommends – the circular notes – some personal protection measures, valid for the majority of respiratory viruses and useful for reducing transmission of the virus: avoid close contact with sick people; wash your hands frequently; avoid touching your hands with the eyes, nose or mouth, and follow respiratory hygiene.” “Good cough etiquette.”

On the prevention front, “in addition to non-pharmacological measures, vaccines and monoclonal antibodies are also available today. Two monoclonal antibodies are currently licensed in Italy, palivizumab (Synagis) intended for premature births and high-risk babies and nirsevimab (Beyfortus).” “. Intended for infants and young children during the first RSV season and two vaccines, including an adjuvanted recombinant vaccine, intended for adults (Arexvy), and a bivalent vaccine, intended for both adults and pregnant women (Abrysvo).”

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