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Calculating the new Apple Watch Ultra 2, 72 equals 60


The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is now official, as it will be presented during the event on September 12th for… Battery life is up to 72 hours in power saving mode, compared to 60 hours in the original Ultra model. Looking at it this way, it would certainly have better autonomy than the previous model, but perhaps that’s not quite the case.

According to footnotes on Apple’s website, the test parameters used for the Ultra 2 in power saving mode differ from those for the original Ultra.

Looking at the footnotes of the original Apple Watch Ultra, the following was revealed:

A day’s battery life is calculated based on the following usage: 180 time checks, 180 notifications, 90 minutes of app use, and 60 minutes of exercise with music streaming from Apple Watch via Bluetooth, over 36 hours. Apple Watch Ultra (GPS + Cellular) models tested stayed connected for a total of 8 hours to the LTE network and for a total of 28 hours to the iPhone via Bluetooth, over a 36-hour period

On the left, the parameters used for Apple Watch Ultra 2, and on the right for Ultra 1

However, the footnotes for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 say:

Battery life in Low Power Mode is calculated based on the following usage: 360 time checking, 360 notifications, 180 minutes of app use, and 60 minutes of exercise with music playing from Apple Watch over Bluetooth, over a period of time. . Apple Watch Ultra 2 (GPS + Cellular) models tested made on-demand connections to LTE networks and remained connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth for 60 hours out of a 72-hour period

Does Apple Watch Ultra 2 last longer?

Well, given this simple reading, how Highlight Even with Macrumors, it’s easy to see how the Ultra 2 doesn’t directly offer 12 hours more battery life than the original Ultra in power saving mode. The reported 12-hour differences may be due only or in part to the different parameters used to perform the robustness tests.

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In other words, the original Ultra might be able to get around 72 hours of battery life in power saving mode based on new testing benchmarks. Apple is using it now, even if there is no evidence of this at the moment: we are waiting for the tests of our readers who can comment on the article.

Anyway, for all the Apple Watch Ultra 2 news, the link to follow is right there.


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