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Cairo Hospital, Totti: “Emergency room? A very small facility for very complex treatments”

Cairo Montenotte. Will San Giuseppe Hospital have an emergency room? It would have all the services a population would need in a territorial garrison system, but it is It is clear that the great complexity of care has not and will not be in hospitals the size of those in Cairo.” This is how the president of the Liguria region and the health advisor responds to an honest question Giovanni Totti. Statements that seem to put more and more gravestones on the hopes of the citizens of Valburmeda who have for years been calling for the return of the PS. Although many would have actually guessed it later Announcing the desire to convert it into a community hospital, after the reform referred to in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

However, one thing is certain, and that is that the Cairo Presidency will no longer pass into the hands of individuals. On Thursday, September 23, it was held State Council hearingDuring which the region’s lawyers asked the judges to postpone the ruling until the tender was cancelled. It just arrived this week President Totti Sol’s announcementCancel advertising.

There are two reasons, the main reason being that the two principles are “part of the new plans dictated by the pandemic and national policy choices,” as Totti himself explained, and then “because of uncertainty about timing and for the final prize of each of the additional assessments or appeals” by the two groups (Institute Galeazzi and Monza Polyclinic) which for years have had a dispute over the assignment of the bid.

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Therefore, the San Giuseppe Hospital will remain public and will be part of the comprehensive restructuring of the Italian health system envisaged by the National Rehabilitation Program, with 1 billion euros allocated for the construction of 380 community hospitals across the country. Among these, Liguria will also propose to include the Cairo Montenotte facility.

option, however, Did not satisfy the trade unions, mayors And the local health committee that feeds the gods Doubts about the extent to which this transformation will truly meet the needs of the region They ask that the method to be followed be indicated and clarified as soon as possible. according to Giuliano VasolatoChairman of the Committee Nothing will change compared to the current situation., while the Mayor Lambertini Do you know next week You will meet with local and regional health authorities For more information on what the future of San Giuseppe will be, what offerings it will guarantee and individuals, hopefully there will be investments and serious changes, otherwise, he said, “that would be unacceptable.”

Community Hospital: Here’s How It Works

But what does a community hospital mean? What services will be provided? Basically, according to what we read in Pnrr, these are A . structures Nursing administration mainly, With a limited number of beds (from 20 to 40 max), dedicated to intermediate care, i.e. short recovery For patients in need Interventions health a Medium/low clinical intensity. So, a kind of intermediate structure between the hospital as we are used to it and the outpatient clinic.

These means, widespread in Veneto (the Italian region with more than 69 people, in total) will be used to contribute to increasing the convenience of care, Thus reducing improper access to health serviceseg in the emergency room or other hospitalization facilities, and the use of other specialized services.

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Furthermore, the Community Hospital will also be able to do so Facilitating the transition from acute inpatient care to home care, allowing families and care facilities to have the time to adapt the home environment and make it more suitable for patient care needs.

According to the plans of the territory, the Valbormida service will not only be provided by a community hospital, but also Health House (in Pnrr call community homeThe outpatient cushion will be attached to the two structures. And even then, many will wonder what this new service will entail.

What is a community (or health) home

There are two main points he will focus on: Health and social issues. In fact, indoors, a multidisciplinary team of general practitioners, selected pediatricians, specialist physicians, community nurses and other health professionals (eg midwives, speech therapists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, dieticians, rehabilitation technicians, for example) will work. so) It will also be able to host social workers,” reads Pnrr.

It will be the home of the community, which will coordinate all the services provided The only point of access to health services It will be a fixed reference point for the population of a particular area. It will have its own IT infrastructure, sampling point and multi-specialist equipment. In Italy, 1,288 will be built by June 2026.

The healthy home experience had a lot Success in Emilia RomagnaWhere there are 124. The 2018 survey, conducted by the Region’s Health and Social Agency, showed that thanks to these structures, Low access in white icon to the emergency room (up to 25.7% when the GP works within the Health House) They are also registered Fewer hospital admissions For diseases that can be treated in the clinic (up to -4.5%), as well as being Increase home care For patient (+ 9.5%) of nursing and medicine.

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The data show how these structures in Emilia-Romagna had a positive impact on the regional health system becoming a virtuous model to follow.

However, to clarify the situation, we will have to wait until 2022 when the Government Districts Conference will take place and the Government will draw up an “Institutional Development Contract” to regulate healthcare reform. And who knows if it will actually be a step forward for valpurmida.