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TEMPERATURE: ecco quando arriverà una svolta fredda autunnale

Now we tell you when the cold autumn will come. There is news »

Weather Temperature: Now we tell you when the cold autumn season arrives. There is news

Temperatures: This is when the cold autumn season will comeThere is Importance Ads On the climatic front of our country. In fact, from the latest updates we have, we can tell you for sure when it’s The first cool autumn turn.

Eyes on Northern Europe where we currently find deep cyclonic vortex Which is already causing colder and wetter currents to call out towards some parts of our country. This will actually be just a taste of what will happen over the next few days.

It is precisely these air masses of Atlantic origin that will be the reason for the formation of a true mass Mediterranean hurricane That will affect many regions of Italy from north to south.
first drop in temperature You will notice with the beginning New week It is restricted only to the northwest and alpine regions. winds Scirocco which will initially accompany the formation of the cyclonic vortex over Italy, in fact will temporarily maintain temperature stable.

a change the way towards a Context Climatic more autumn Instead, you will feel it between Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 When the depression area in the formation of our country is fed by The air masses are getting colder. So we expect not only context weird weather But above all definitely more cruel and stormy With temperature which may collapse even below the climatic average for that period. Suffice it to say that especially in many areas north Born in center The mercury will also slip down, leaking out 10-12°C compared to these days.

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So take off your shirt sleeves, jackets and heavy clothes as now, The autumnAnd You will be really serious!