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Bye Pinal, Mehdi loves only Zainab

Bye Pinal, Mehdi loves only Zainab

Plot previews for My Home My Destiny, which will return on Thursday 10th August 2023 with the new episode at 3.45pm on Canale 5.

My home is my destiny counting Tomorrow, Thursday, August 10, 2023It’s 3:45 in the afternoon Channel 5 with a new ring. Zainab, the protagonist Demet Ozdemirwho receives a surprising revelation but doesn’t quite know how to live it, another woman instead struggles against fate so she doesn’t have to give up hope for a family.

My Home My Destiny: Aug. 9 episode recap

The court decided that Zainab and Mahdi could officially adopt Kabrit. But Zeynep won’t calm down until she also helps Benal rebuild his life: that’s why he asks Nermin to hire her as a nurse in his house. Instead, Mahdi enjoys the moment and confesses to his sister, Jamila, that he loves his wife. Zainab, who suddenly arrives, is shocked.

August 10 progression: Zeynep deficiency complexes

Mehdi is initially disappointed by Zeynep’s reaction to his declaration of love, but then decides to explain himself better: since he met her, Karaca realizes that it was true love with her. But Zainab always felt wrong and out of place.

In the next episode of the Turkish series Beautiful Torture

Cemil is looking for a way to get Banal out of Mehdi’s life now that his brother has finally found love. But at the same time, she worries about the woman who is waiting for her nephew, and feels pity for her, who suffers terribly from jealousy after the window overlooks Mahdi and Zainab’s room.

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Zuleiha discovers she is pregnant in Thursday’s episode

Zuleiha understood all about what was going on with Pinal, so she decided to step in with a straight leg but, as always, behind the scenes. He hands Sultan an envelope with his savings and asks her to hand it over to Pinal. Sultan goes to the woman’s house but when he offers her to accept the money to have an abortion and start a new life, she gets angry and throws her out.

Benal confronts Al-Mahdi in the August 10th episode

BenalDesperate, she makes one last attempt: she appears at the gate of the house and asks Mahdi If she really wanted him out of her life forever. The man, sorry that he does not want to hurt her, and still unaware of the pregnancy, tells her for the umpteenth time that he loves only his wife.

Where does the soap flow with Demet Ozdemir

It will be possible to follow My Home My Destiny as well flowsimultaneously with the broadcast or on demand, on the platform Mediaset Infinity. Episodes and other content related to the new Turkish soap will be available for free, upon registration, in the section dedicated to My Home My Destiny.