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Bailiff, the two lost children, the career path and the toughest choice: "Don't be like me"

Bailiff, the two lost children, the career path and the toughest choice: “Don’t be like me”

“Come to me” is one of the most popular and followed rai shows. The program, whose interviews are especially appreciated, have always received excellent reviews. And on top of it, there was Katrina Palievo, the journalist, who had already reached the finals of Miss Italy, and is now more and more a presenter. From now leaves the program that has given her so much luck. She explains herself during TvTalk: “This is an amazing challenge that started against the tide last year. We brought the ship to the port and I was so excited that I did this great job and I think I didn’t have the energy to do another year like this. So I prefer leaving.”

Say Goodbye to Ray and “Come to Me” after more than 300 successful episodes. Family Choice and Toddlers: “Our work leads you to stay away for a long time, at home there are two young children: there is no father, if there is no mother, how do you do it?” . After years in which the job had lost everything (“nonstop since 2003” she explained) Katrina Pallievo chose to devote herself to her husband and children. On Instagram, in response to her fans, she is back talking about the cost of making certain decisions against family and motherhood in the past.

La Palievo recalled the pain of the two pregnancies that ended in abortion, and specifically answered to a follower living the same sad experience: “It happened to me also after Guido Alberto, he must have been two and a half years old and three years old. Right to that pregnancy.” The words echoed those words said to Corriere della Sera in 2017: “When I lost my baby, in the third month, I felt bad. But I still had to go to the video, and assumed my responsibilities. I didn’t even want to try to conceive anymore, Out of fear. Maybe things are only beginning to change now. ”

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While reviewing her relationship with motherhood after reviewing her relationship with her profession, Katrina Pallievo calls out to her fans who have had a traumatic miscarriage: “Don’t be afraid of the pain, don’t hate me, let it go.”