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Libero and Saviano beg Maria De Filippi and Pier Silvio Berlusconi to work at Mediaset

Libero and Saviano beg Maria De Filippi and Pier Silvio Berlusconi to work at Mediaset

Roberto Saviano wants to go to Mediaset? After an obligatory farewell to Rai, the writer criticized Viale Mazzini’s leaders on several occasions. Now cover today As the magazine celebrates the first summer of its presenter without Maurizio Costanzo and Silvio Berlusconi II. free It will be revealing. The proof will be in Saviano’s letter to Maria de Felipe. In which exaggerated praise should lead to his participation in the programme friends. “Maria’s strength lies in being able to confront even the most common stereotypical situations, bring them a touch of authenticity, and approach them from a point of view that makes this story a space where everyone gets to know themselves,” she says. He adds, “I never thought I’d be able to find an affinity for his method because I thought it was so far-fetched it had, instead, many fixed points.”


Saviano has already participated in the program. “It was an incredible success and I think it’s still something we have to do: get books together on TV,” he says. And for this free Expect approval from Pier Silvio should De Filippi request it. Of course, we have to see what Marina thinks. Meanwhile, she became critical of the tax on banks. At the time of his renunciation of Mondadori between the two when the writer dedicated his honorary degree in law to the Milan prosecutors (Boccasini, Forno and Sangermano). Berlusconi’s daughter said she was horrified. He said he felt threatened by the publisher. She replied that she learned a rule from her father: “Yes to criticism, no to censorship.” added. We, Berlusconi, understand and explain the job of a publisher. A profession based on some core values: respect for all opinions, freedom of expression, pluralism. In all this there is no hard compromise, and nothing heroic. These are the same values ​​I was raised with that I have seen and continue to see my father stand for.”

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