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Landslides and floods in the Leko area forced 120 people to evacuate from a camp in Dervio.  To municipal citizens: "Do not leave home"

Landslides and floods in the Leko area forced 120 people to evacuate from a camp in Dervio. To municipal citizens: “Do not leave home”

Strong and intermittent rain, landslides, floods. In the Lecco area, for the past few hours, they have been 120 people were evicted From a camp site in Dervio due to the danger coming from Verro full And by water accumulated in the reservoir Bagnona Dam. A few days after the landslide in the Como area Lombardy Thus another occurs Irregular atmospheric events, But more often in recent years, son Climate change.

The level of the reservoir and the stream are kept constant Tracked. Major damage was caused by a similar situation in the same area two years ago. The Tremeniko-Subiale road was also closed due to landslides. Then there is even Provincial Road62 It was Closed to traffic Until the latter date, again in the province of Lecco, a Large landslide Soil, rocks and debris were dumped on the road in the area of ​​Daseno (Leco) and Porton de Bellano in Valsacina, the city ascending from the Leco branch of Lake Como.
No vehicles or people were involved in the landslide. But now the seventeenth chaos is raging across the region, bringing with it heavy rains, winds, thunderstorms and a sharp drop in temperature that made it impossible to even remove the rubbish. Provincial Road 62, a winding and steep slope, connects Lake Leco Beach on Lake Como with Valsacina. Published by Dervio Municipality General alarm To the population: Move cars out of pits and do not leave the house.

Even in the province of Como there was the worst fear. The Firefighters One of them Fifty interventions At 4 p.m., they fell into the Como area Heavy thunderstorms. About forty firefighters were recruited, especially in the southern part of the province Flood Boxes, cellars and roads, following the flooding of two streams in Villa Guardia. The southern Como area was particularly affected by Fino Mornasco, Apiano Gentile and Bulgarcoroso. Some people Trapped in cars in the underpass The ditches in the road area were assisted by firefighters. Areas already heavily affected by landslides have been monitored in recent weeks, but no problems have been reported so far.

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