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But the firing squad against me –

But the firing squad against me –

“You grabbed a hair I didn’t have You made me come here with a fever», joked with Guido Crocetto at the Montessitorio snack bar yesterday morning Benedetto della Vedova. Deputy +Europe He had asked the defense minister a question.

Della Vedova held Crocetto to account for his statement In an interview Courier: “Minister, when you talked about the resistance of the judiciary, what did you mean? What did he want to do? Do you want to get your hands on legal proceedings against the members of the government or the majority?”. Crocetto explained fully. And he reiterated: “A firing squad against me Advertising person. I never hit And I will never attack the Judiciary I never spoke of secret meetings or conspiracies.” And then to conclude: “Sooner or later the conflict between politics and the judiciary must end. They told me: Be careful or you’ll end up like Croxie».

Ciara BragaPd asked Croceto for information and restarted Francesco SilvestriThe M5S group leader also invited the minister Go to the prosecutor’s office to report His concerns about currents conspiring against the government”.

Crosetto mentioned Stefano Mussolino Secretary of the Democratic Judiciary, reiterates: “I do not think that the Judiciary should limit the exercise of the will of the people, because sometimes Needs restoration». Mussolino replied: “I believe the minister Some basics of our constitution are unknown».

They were in the room yesterday morning About thirty representatives, not even on the benches of the League, which underlined how reform should be done with magistrates and lawyers. However, the Democratic Party secretary was in the chamber Ellie Schlein and leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte. To Della Vedova, Crocetto’s answer was inadequate: «He did not go into detail“, he said. He repeated it to her in the bar, where the confrontation turned into a minute of coffee, and Ellie was eating a croissant with her back behind Schlein.

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to Matteo RenziPresident of Italia Viva, «Crosetto made a great speech In theory but to date we have not seen a reform.” To Thomas FotiGroup Leader of FdI, «la Answer asked Minister Croceto On time and on time and categorically destroys the barren exploitation sector.” “Crosetto cleared all doubts” even for the Deputy Minister of Justice, Francesco Paolo Sisto.