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Brazil, Bolsonaro rushed to the hospital -

Brazil, Bolsonaro rushed to the hospital –

The President of Brazil was taken to hospital at dawn today due to severe abdominal pain آلام Jair Bolsonaro You may soon have to undergo emergency surgery due to a serious intestinal obstruction. At the present time, according to what was announced by the Communications Department of the Presidency of the Republic and what was reported by the Agency NovaWe only know that the president has been transferred to a private hospital in the city of São Paulo, where he will be subject to further investigations. Then, it will be up to the medical staff to decide whether to proceed with surgical removal of the obstruction.

The alarm this morning

According to what has been leaked thus far, Bolsonaro has been experiencing a form of persistent hiccups for several days. Then, around 4 a.m., it was Stomach acheWhich, of course, led to a decision to conduct more in-depth examinations. His wife and first lady Michelle raised the alarm, and they immediately called the doctors. All commitments were cancelled (at 11:00 he was to meet with the presidents of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lera and the Federal Supreme Court, Luiz Fo), the president was transferred to the Armed Forces Hospital Brasilia (Hfa). According to reports from Communications Minister Fabio Faria, Bolsonaro was sedated due to severe pain.

Careful analysis of specialists eventually led to the diagnosis: Intestinal obstructionAs revealed by the doctor who has been caring for the health of the far-right leader, surgeon Antonio Luiz Macedo for years.

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Present cases or current states

The president is fine and in a good mood, he should be under observation for 24-48 hours, not necessarily in hospital“, I read the memo that I issued hours before from the General Secretariat of Communications at the Presidency of the Republic. In fact, the situation turned out to be much more serious, to the point that it was decided to move to a hospital in the city of Saint Paul.

After the examinations carried out in Brasilia, Dr. Macedo, the doctor of the President of the Republic, found an intestinal obstruction and decided to take him to São Paulo where he would undergo complementary tests to determine whether or not he needed to surgery out of urgencyThis is stated in the latest press release issued by the Ministry of Communications.

The president has undergone several operations so far: after the stab wound he received during the 2018 election campaign, he had to undergo four surgeries. After recovering from anesthesia, Jair Bolsonaro personally informed his countrymen about his health, using social media. In fact, he posted on Twitter some pictures of him in the hospital and thanked him for the prayers and messages of rapprochement.