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Vip's older brother, Elisa Esposito denies being left out by Signorini!

Vip’s older brother, Elisa Esposito denies being left out by Signorini!

Corsevo teacher Elisa Esposito denied the latest rumors about her participation in the Big Brother Vip.

In the past few days there was a rumor that the post of Elisa Espositoknown on social networks for being italic professorto the new version of Big Brother VIP. Now the influencer explains how things really are, and bans them from being left out Alfonso Signorini.

Elisa Esposito shows older brother Phoebe

Elisa Esposito And his videos where he plays italic professor They went viral on social media, which allowed the very young girl to quickly become an influencer followed by an incredible number of fans. Precisely because of this huge media hype, according to rumors by Amedeo Fenza, Alfonso Signorini He had his eyes set Elisa Let’s suggest you participate in the new version of Big Brother VIP.

However, according to other news released by the gossip expert, Signorini had withdrawn his proposalangry about it Elisa Have shared on social media the information contacted for GF Vip without his permission In fact, in recent weeks Gentlemen Numerous clues shoot up on Instagram to stir up conspiracies without revealing much. After much gossip, the italic professor Explains it.

“I don’t want to spread fake news, because you are already writing to me about it. So now let me clarify this for a moment. The Big Brother case: I deny all the rumors circulating. I don’t participate in the Big Brother Show, but not because I messed up as some newspapers wrote, but because I I was the one who refused. Meaning they called me and I clearly said no, because at the moment I didn’t want to be involved in this kind of TV show. It’s something I don’t like personally […] I don’t go there, because I chose to, not because they eliminated me for TikTok where I messed up and different things. That’s it.”

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