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Blocking a user's emails, how to do it quickly and forever


In this short text we show you the simple procedure to block emails from a user you no longer want to receive anything from. Here are all the steps to put into practice to get back to having a “cleaner” email inbox.

How to block user emails (

Being bombarded with unwanted emails It is something that can really annoy you and make managing your email inbox very complicated. Spam can arrive from a somewhat “fatigued” user or from some automatic newsletter that you may have involuntarily subscribed to while browsing online.

Regardless of the origin, all different email addresses will allow you to do this Block individual user and overly pushy email address.

In the following lines, we will let you discover that Simple procedure that can be applied to Gmail To solve a fairly common problem.

How to block emails from user: The simple solution

Do you need a place in your email inbox that is more “clean” and free of useless repetitive messages? There is a simple way to Block individual user emails We are gmail And get back to managing your inbox easier. Here's what you need to do.

With these steps you can block incoming emails (

In fact, it becomes very important to have an inbox section that contains only useful emails. So going “hunting” for them later will be much easier and less nerve-wracking.

What is important to say, before analyzing all the steps that will be performed to block emails received from one user, is that the latter will end up in a specific section. We are referring to Junk or spam section.

All the steps to follow

Block a userThus, it will allow you to “find” their emails in your junk mail. An essential aspect, since your inbox will always be full of interesting and most useful emails both personally and professionally.

On your smartphone you will be able to open the application gmailclick on the message you want to delete and go to “last” is located in the upper right. At this point all you have to do is press “roadblockAll incoming emails will come from that particular user It is automatically blocked and placed in your junk mailbox.

However, if you want to block emails from a particular site that you have voluntarily or otherwise given consent to receive advertising messages, the procedure will be different.

In this case, you must press “unsubscribe” next to the sender’s name, then in the banner, click “Go to spam“.

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