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Blackbeard's horoscope for 2024: “Pluto changes everything”, the signs that make a noise

Blackbeard's horoscope for 2024: “Pluto changes everything”, the signs that make a noise

The year 2024 has arrived, and astrology enthusiasts are making predictions about the coming year. Like Blackbeard's Calendar, the famous calendar was first printed in Foligno around the middle of the 18th century. “The sky of 2024 revolves around the return of the planet Pluto (after 240 years!) to Aquarius – says Luca Baldini, managing editor of Blackbeard Almanac at Agi – this important astrological event will push everyone to search for personal relationships, work, etc. “At every level of Standards of life, new and more equitable social structures. For zodiac signs, 2024 will be a year full of surprises.”

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But who are the lucky signs of the zodiac and what should they expect? “Jupiter in Gemini will energize the months of July to December with a new enthusiasm for those born under Aries and Libra. Gemini will enjoy the ease of relationships and good luck – and Cancer, Taurus and Capricorn will be able to boost their confidence in career and romantic relationships,” comments Baldini. And again: “From June, Leo and Aquarius will stand out with their charm and friendliness. Virgos will receive generous suggestions from Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, planets that will provide their followers with favorable opportunities on different fronts. Common sense and clarity will accompany the Scorpio New Year , which will be able to open up to new horizons of knowledge.” Finally, for Pisces, 2024 “will be the appropriate year to enhance decision-making skills, while for Sagittarius, the coming year will bring with it valuable teachings, a need for transparency in the heart, and ideas that will benefit everything and everyone.” In short, there is something for everyone, the important thing is to look at the stars with the right amount of curiosity and sarcasm.

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