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Horoscopes 2024, Simone and the stars replace Mirta Merlino: “For Taurus…”, what to expect

Horoscopes 2024, Simone and the stars replace Mirta Merlino: “For Taurus…”, what to expect

to'Horoscopes 2024 Peeps in the living room Afternoon 5. a guest Mirta Merlino In the episode of Friday, December 29 there Simon and the stars, is among the most listened to and loved astrologers. What will the new year be like for Aries signs? Horoscope? “2024 is an important year for astrology because Pluto returns to Aquarius after 248 years,” explains Simone Morandi, that is his real name. Pluto “It is also a planet of strength on a personal and interpersonal levelAquarium “It is a sign of rebellion,” explains the astrologer, who recalls: “The last time this happened was during the industrial revolution,” French Revolution And American independence: these three topics insurgency“Renewal and liberation of all signs is the theme of the year.”

In short, 2024 is full of changes and revolutions: what will come will be a year that “blows the hats off”, say Simon and the stars, who for this occasion gather in three “families”. The first predictions are related Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn: “These are the signs with which the seasons begin, and therefore they are the signs of initiative, resourcefulness, and the willingness to make one's choices – explains the astrologer – since 2008, these signs feel that their hands are a little tied because Pluto has somehow been in a discordant position.” Now, as of January 24, they will “liberate themselves.” Simon and the Stars then points to the Movie of the Year with these tags: “Billy Elliot, a masterpiece of rebelling and making your own way.”

If he goes to Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. “They are the signs that love fixed points and few changes,” says the expert, who says that these signs found themselves 5 years ago in “a continuous crossing of the Red Sea towards a different life, but they were hindered in thousands of ways.” The year 2024 is the last mile, the descent into the Promised Land.” In particular, “For Taurus, it is a golden yearA phrase that makes you smile Merlino: “This year I have made important, difficult and painful changes,” the announcer comments in what appears to be a reference to moving on from La7 a Mediaset. The movie? The Secret Dreams of Walter Mitty.

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They stay Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces. “These are signs of the end of the season that in some way pave the way for what is to come – explains Morandi – so the change for them is simple,” in fact “they struggle to set rules and define themselves, to say: I am this and not anything else.” These signs “come after 12 years in which everything was more chaotic than ever,” and now is the opportunity to “restore order.” The 2024 movie is upon us now is Back to the Future.