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Bill Gates as a prophet: “Artificial intelligence will spell their end.”  Here’s who’s crazy at

Bill Gates as a prophet: “Artificial intelligence will spell their end.” Here’s who’s crazy at

Artificial intelligence is a very hot topic, and it will be so too in 2024. After Elon Musk, it is up to Bill Gates to have his say as a prophet: “It will be the end of them.”

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence. In 2023, ChatGPT caused an uproar, as it was first banned in Italy, and then a compromise was reached. Google was the first to include AI in the Pixel 8, and it will soon be emulated, and perhaps surpassed, who knows, by Samsung and Apple: The Seoul giant will launch its SamsungGalaxy S24 AI phone in January, and Apple will do so in September with the iPhone 16, at least that’s what insiders say.

Bill Gates’ speech on the new financing partnership in Brussels – Image source ANSA –

IA is the “suffix” to put The PINs of two former Apple employeeswho decided to revolutionize everything with a smartphone that cannot be put in a pocket or handbag, but can be worn and will practically only work with artificial intelligence.

Therefore, artificial intelligence is everywhere: even the subject of conflicting opinions from the most influential men on Earth. Statements Elon Musk For a world moving towards artificial intelligence; Where humanity will no longer need to work, will live on a universal dole and freely choose whether or not to have a job based exclusively on its own personal satisfaction. Imagine if Bill Gates couldn’t talk about artificial intelligence.

Bill Gates, the era of artificial intelligence has already begun. He points the finger at Google and Amazon

“There will be a large number of companies working on new uses for AI and ways to improve the technology itself.” Bill Gates’ prophecy It starts here, in his blog, with Gates’ memo in which the first man at Microsoft had his say about what will happen in the age of artificial intelligence. An era has truly begun.

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Bill Gates for sure: "Artificial intelligence will spell their end".
Bill Gates at the recent annual meeting in Dubai – Image source ANSA –

“In the near future, everyone will be online You will be able to have a personal assistant Powered by AI that far exceeds today’s technology.” And again: “Innovative chips will allow you to run AI on your device, not in the cloud, as you have to do today.”

An important passage from Bill Gates’s thought The obvious reference to two of Microsoft’s competitorsAnd Google and Amazon. Which, as the Seattle mogul has already predicted, will cease to exist because of artificial intelligence, as people will no longer go to a search engine or productivity site. “In the next five years, artificial intelligence will change everyone’s lives.” It’s Bill Gates’ word.