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Big Brother, a sentence written by Garibaldi about homosexuals causes a stir

Big Brother, a sentence written by Garibaldi about homosexuals causes a stir

Annalisa Accardo

A very tense evening in the Big Brother house. phrase from Giuseppe GaribaldiIn fact, it caused a new stir. As reported by colleagues in Biccy.itCalabrian concierge – speaking with Stefano Meli – He said that he has many gay friends, and this upset the designer: “You don't say, “I have a lot of gay friends like you.” I'm not coming to you and telling you, “I have a lot of straight or blonde friends.” There is no need to specify, being gay has no different characteristics than other people and there is no need to bring people together. You are the one who changes yourself and if Anita defends you by saying you are from a small town, she is calling you ignorant. If you say you also have gay friends, you're highlighting the difference. As if it's a different group of people than straight people, when in reality we're all human“.

Garibaldi He tried to defend himself and even brought it up Beatrice Luzzi Accusations of chauvinism:I said it as an example that there is nothing wrong with what I say. You told me that instead of using the word “man” sometimes I should say “person” and so I wanted to tell you that I don't have problems with anyone. I explained that I have all kinds of friendships, even gay ones. You suppose I don't have to tell you that. You're getting into an argument and I don't like it. You're looking for a solution to this argument that, in my opinion, was instilled in you by someone a while ago, I don't know who. Like when they linked me to chauvinism“.

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Anita Olivieri She intervened in defense of Giuseppe: “He does not do so with negative intentions. Let's talk about someone who comes from a small town and knows how to handle things like me. He always stayed in context. I'm not saying he's ignorant! Would you expect someone who lives on a mountain with three sheep and two people to know how to use the verb man? I know Giuseppe where he lives and how he lived. If you found Heidi in the little village on the mountain, would you expect her to talk like someone from London or Milan?“.