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Biden grows a Thanksgiving turkey, chocolate and chipotle — Mondo

According to tradition, US President Joe Biden pardoned a turkey at the White House before Thanksgiving which is celebrated in the US on Thursday, November 24. “I don’t know yet what the verdict is,” Biden joked before granting him a “presidential pardon.” “The votes have been counted and there is no fraud.
The only red wave this year will be cranberry sauce that my commanding dog will spread across the floor,” the president said again, mocking the results of the midterm elections in which the Republican Party, which is red, did not succeed that the polls predicted.
Exceptionally this year, for the first time in 75 years, there were two lucky birds, Chocolate and Chip. The concert was accompanied by a performance of Lynyrd Skyrd’s world-famous song “Free Bird”. “Chocolate is my favorite flavor of ice cream,” Biden said, and thanked the turkey.

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