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Dangerous and complex situation - Il Tempo

Dangerous and complex situation – Il Tempo

China reaffirms its commitment to the line of absolute tolerance towards Covid-19, in a situation it considers “complex and dangerous”. The eastern nation “still faces the double risk of imported infection and the spread of the epidemic, and the prevention and control situation is still serious and complex,” said National Health Commission spokesman Mi Feng. “We must adhere to the people-first principle and the public policy of dynamic compensation,” the spokesperson said, referring to the inflexible line of “Zero Covid,” which has sparked intense debate and anger at the social level, as it also contributed to the slowdown in economic recovery.

This strategy provides for sudden closures, even in the face of a small number of infections, mass testing of millions of people, and quarantines once you enter the country from abroad. China has seen an increase in infections nationwide in recent days, with outbreaks in more than fifty cities across the country and incomplete restrictions. Today, China found 3,837 cases of infection, of which 596 were confirmed to be internally transmitted (in addition to 61 imported cases) and 3,180 new asymptomatic infections, which are very high numbers for the zero tolerance line towards the virus in place for nearly three years in China, after disease outbreak. From the outbreak of Wuhan Covid-19. However, the number of new infections decreased slightly compared to yesterday, when it reached its highest level in the past six months, when it exceeded four thousand (4,045 in total).

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