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Belgium, building explosion due to gas leak in Turnhout near Antwerp: 4 dead

Belgium, building explosion due to gas leak in Turnhout near Antwerp: 4 dead

Late yesterday evening, in a town not far from Antwerp, in Belgium, two apartments exploded due to a gas leak: there are 4 deaths.

Late yesterday evening, December 31, 2021, in the town of Turnhout, about fifty kilometers from Antwerp, in the far north-east of Belgium, Two apartments exploded after a gas leak. The explosion completely destroyed and provoked the two houses Four people died, All adults: At the moment, no other data on their identity has been released. After the explosion that tore through the walls of the top floor of the building, they were only counted two survivors.

The gas leak that caused the explosion occurred inside a building containing 16 apartments on its four floors. The entire structure is now so damaged, that it may not even be left out is dropped.

The news was reported by Paul van Mert, the mayor of the Flemish town where the explosion occurred: King Philip of Belgium, in office since 2013, phoned to offer his condolences in the aftermath of the incident.

Two women stuck under the rubble for 14 hours

In addition to the four who lost their lives, two other people participated in the explosion. These two women survived. stayed Trapped under the wreck Because of the explosion, they were pulled out of the rubble only after they passed 14 raw: Once they were pulled out of the rubble, they were taken to hospital, and according to the mayor of Turnhout, their health conditions did not appear to be a cause for concern.

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