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‘Bebo Bodou has recently disappeared’: Vittorio Sgarbi is breaking the news |  All hell happens in the studio

‘Bebo Bodou has recently disappeared’: Vittorio Sgarbi is breaking the news | All hell happens in the studio

Bebo Bodo –

During an episode of Today Is Another Day, Vittorio Sgarbi makes a shocking revelation about Pippo Baudo that inevitably causes the audience to freeze in the studio.

Unfortunately, it was not a joke, but rather a statement made by the art critic himself in a tone that was anything but ironic. After his words, Frost drops into the studio, complete with Serena Burton Who is trying to save in every way Dire situation.

In recent years the state of health of l Goofy Bodo It has always been a little uncertain. First of all, because in the eighties – during the period when he performed very song – The conductor discovered that he was in a terrible condition thyroid cancer, Luckily fought. However, whether this was ever eradicated has always been questionable.

secondly, his sudden illness About ten years ago, it was also the source of various bewilderments, even if it was attributed to a sudden change in pressure. then Withdraw from the scenewhich, despite the desire for a well-deserved rest, has given rise to many conversations on this topic.

In short, Bebo’s health has long been talked about, but My little statement On live television, the entire audience was left in shock, to the point where it became a media issue.

“Bibo Bodou disappeared recently”: Sgarbi’s statement

Vittorio Sgarbi's Today is Another Day -
Vittorio Sgarbi’s Today is Another Day –

While hosting Sagarbi A Today is another dayfinds himself involved in his discourse on the history of television, where he talks about Rafaela Cara, and also mentions the historical conductor. Bebo Bodo just disappeared.And says Victor. at that moment Serena Burton He doesn’t understand if it was a sarcastic joke, so much so that he takes it back.

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At this point he answers: “Has he disappeared or not? Alive? We are sure? They told me yesterday.” “But stop, of course he is alive! Suppose we extend their lives, ”he said. Burton insists. Sgarbi is really relieved, so much so that he replies: “Fortunately, I have already read it news.”. Sagarbi’s reference is certainly to the various fake news that circulated in the period. In any case, Baudo is doing well, and he himself has repeatedly denied the allegations.

I really don’t understand why this news is circulatingAnd But rest assured. The best way to reassure everyone is to do it in person, make my voice heard and wish everyone a good evening.” Mosul said. Not everyone knows him, but also Pippo Balistreri’s ad Italy yes He raised the alarm a few months ago, announcing that he had been affected by Bodo’s condition. However, even in these circumstances, it was a story denied by the person concerned.