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Adelaide does not give up, secret agreement with Mathilde

On Tuesday afternoon, Il Paradiso delle Signore is back on air with a new date: detailed previews.

Characters Matilde Frigerio di Sant’Erasmo and Adelaide Di Sant’Erasmo (RaiPlay screenshot)

The broadcast of this new season of the series D Ladies’ paradise. A new date has been set for this afternoon, starting at 16.05 On the first channel of the Viale Mazzini TV network. Once again, the heroes are those who work in the Milan shop and their families.

Starting with a large family of heaven that will have to deal with a historical change. After the decision of the countess Adelaide from Saint Erasmoin fact, made his arrival in the department store Matilda Frigrio. Arrival, however, risks turning everything around again and giving surprise shots.

In fact, it seems that Matilda’s arrival is not only worrying Vittorio Conti, who hoped to become the sole proprietor of a Milano store. In fact, among the most nervous and resentful people there is undoubtedly the banker Umberto Guarnieri and the designer Gentile Flora.

Ladies’ Paradise, October 4th Shows: Matilde and Adelaide allies

Matilde Frigerio di Sant’Erasmo character (RaiPlay screenshot)

After the official presentations of all collaborators, Matilda We will communicate with Adelaide Want to win with confidence Vittorio Conti. And to do so, he will ask her to be able to manage her role in administering Heaven as she sees fit. The Countess, for her part, will decide to accept Frigrio’s proposal but on one condition, namely to continue her fight against vegetarian And the Umberto. Meanwhile, the two would immediately appear to be very nervous and worried about the potential implications of this newcomer.

Meanwhile, Adelaide will have to deal with a second problem and this time Marcelo Barbieri. The Countess will make a special effort to help the young waiter rise up socially so that he can win again later Ludovica Brancia from Montalto. A turning point will also come within the walls of the famous Milan Bar Salvatore Amato: after being injured, Irene Cipriani He will give the young man a name vera as his replacement in the scheduled Twist contest.

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Finally after his mother’s confession Veronicalittle flower jewel She will decide to seek help from her half-sister Stefania Colombo. The two will have to work together to achieve one goal or not allow it Ezio Forget the anniversary and thus organize a surprise in the Zenata.