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Be careful next time you open YouTube: it may get you banned

Be careful next time you open YouTube: it may get you banned

Be very careful next time you decide to open YouTube because it may suddenly freeze: here are the reasons why.

The service remains one of the most popular among users from all over the world. It allows a large number of people to upload videos online so that others can watch them at any time. In fact, it is a type of on-demand television on the Internet and available to everyone.

Be careful when accessing YouTube –

when it comes to Youtube It is natural that the mind goes to the videos on the platform, also because it is mainly used to watch videos of different types and genres. Most people use this web page to search for content that interests them, such as music, entertainment, movies, and, to a large extent, educational programs of all kinds.

Some studies position this platform as The third most visited website in the world, ahead of other search engines like Yahoo or Bing. It is estimated to receive over 2.5 billion views per month worldwide, with over 5 billion video views per day. However, what not everyone knows is that you have to be careful when entering YouTube because it may block some users At any moment.

YouTube Bans: Here users are at “risk” of being banned

There are many users who could be like this Banned by YouTube Once they enter the site. Something that only matters to a portion of the web audience, not all. We are talking about users who care a lot about their privacy and therefore may remain out of the service.

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YouTube: Risk of blocking
Edge Users Banned on YouTube – Idea PC

So this news is only relevant Microsoft Edge users with stricter online privacy settings. Simply put, Google blocks videos from appearing on the platform in some cases. This is after the company began experimenting with blocking users who use ad blocking tools. Now the losers will be the highly protected Edge users.

Simply put, if Edge users want to continue watching content posted on YouTube, they’ll need to change their privacy and security settings. In this way, they will have to move from a more strict and severe setting to an intermediate setting that protects the tracking in a more moderate way.

In practice, Google seems convinced that choosing privacy on Edge is because it significantly conflicts with its marketing and advertising work on the platform.