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bc so hardcore?  How far can stock indices go now?

bc so hardcore? How far can stock indices go now?

Natural gas prices in Europe are three times higher than the global average, although they are down about 50% from their highs last August. For UBS, an increase in supplies of LNG and non-fossil fuels will only improve the energy scenario starting in 2025 and “we believe that the situation in Europe will remain as unstable in 2023 as it was this year,” analysts comment. For European chemical industries, gas remains the most important cost item, considering that it accounts for about 76% of their bills on average. The positive news is that inventories have reached a filling level of more than 90%, so “we believe that the industrial sector will not face major problems over the next six months. Despite selective lockdowns where there is oversupply, most companies will generally continue to produce, firmly supported government grants or favorable long-term energy contracts.But Ubs analysts do not rule out that this scenario may carry risks for all those securities at the beginning of supply chains, including Arkema, Basf and …;

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