Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Of all the problems affecting the population of Europe in this period, the increase in energy prices is undoubtedly one of the main ones. How did we get to this situation?

Basically everything was born as a result of the recent conflicts in Ukraine, which had a direct consequence of the record increase in raw materials and energy (both electricity and gas), which was clearly reflected in the increase in monthly bills for ‘power’. .

According to some recent statistics, in fact, the cost of bills has seen an increase equivalent to about 50% compared to the cost of bills corresponding to the same months of the immediate previous year.

Despite all the aid that has arrived thanks to the recent adjustments by the Italian and German governments, many families day after day risk falling on the poverty line, since it has become practically impossible to afford similar bills, especially if there is one. income family.

In particular, in the recent period a situation of illegal surges could have broken out, in which seven energy supply companies, to be exact, could have ended up under surveillance byAntitrust. This had almost immediate repercussions on one sideSalad, which is the body responsible for monitoring this kind of problem and criticality, which would immediately warn Enel, Hera, A2A, Eni, Edison, Acea, and finally Enji. In particular, all of these companies will be obligated to contact their customers to inform them that there will be no increases in energy (electricity and methane) tariffs until April next year.

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How to proceed

There is no problem even if the new energy tariff is activated, since it will be possible to return without problems to the tariff in effect until recently. The dispute must be received by the customer, in this case, after a contractual amendment by the supplier company by August 10, 2022, or the day when the Aiuti-bis entered into force, the ruling made by part of the Italian government to face the rise in energy prices and the continuing increases .

In this case, The return to the energy tariff should be practically automaticAnd the energy company is obliged to send a letter indicating the actual cancellation of the new tariff that has been increased.

2 net daily

If you have not been contacted by the company within a month (or a maximum of 40 days), our advice is to contact the relevant customer service, in order to initiate an effective complaint and resolve the situation as soon as possible.


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