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PostePay and Bancoposta, complete outage of remote services: all applications are out of service

Over the past 10 years, the world of smartphones, as we well know, has seen its real boom, offering models suitable for all age groups and for different purposes, well adapted to every type of end customer.

The boom of smartphones has led to a proliferation of apps (or more popular apps) that are useful for everything from checking our way around, booking a hotel or plane, ordering food at home, and so on.

Nowadays, the so-called home banking mode is becoming increasingly popular among customers, which allows customers of some banks (now almost all, nowadays) to see their current status and carry out real payment transactions in a simple and fast way from your account. Smartphone without any kind of problem.

Unfortunately, in the last few hours there have been some problems with Poste Italiane, a complete obfuscation has been recorded regarding the use of all remote services, we will understand in succession PostePay (the famous Poste Italiane debit card used by thousands of people) and the service pankoposta.

In fact, many users immediately reported a glitch in both services, because they could not access them, while they received some error messages as a response. Everything was going to start in a row starting last year December 15th (Early in the morning, around 9), and so far no improvements in this regard unfortunately.

status report

Moreover, not only the respective service apps are affected, however Even their web versions, which reports the same type of error. The only service currently available that hasn’t been taken offline remains PosteID, which can be easily accessed by entering a SPID.

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In this case, the error messages may refer to some general communication error with the Poste Italiane servers, or perhaps a communication error that may affect the user. The error appears using any access method, whether via PosteID, using one’s own credentials, and even using a file Biometric identification (Demonstrates via FaceID or fingerprints). It is a really stressful and heavy situation which we hope can be resolved in the shortest possible time, given the inconvenience caused.

We will therefore just have to wait for further updates on this subject from Poste Italiane, possibly through the issuance of a communication or press release, which will arrive over the next few days.