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Banconoposta, discounts and benefits for account holders and prepaid card holders

Banconoposta, discounts and benefits for account holders and prepaid card holders

An initiative that puts Poste Italiane in a position to further support current account holders or prepaid holders.

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Important news for all customers Italian Post. Account holders but also above all prepaid holders, is perhaps the true hard core of the company. Poste Italiane lesson i . series useful possibilities for its clients. An initiative that is also geared towards supporting the difficult situations arising from the current economic crisis in some way. Post-pandemic phase, although not everything is complete yet Been completedIt was more than difficult and complicated to manage.

company In fact, it has outlined a series of initiatives, through which it brings numerous advantages to its account holders. bonusand discount coupons and a cashack created specifically to try to support more and more situations that are becoming increasingly sensitive over the months. Italian PostIn short, along with its customers, along with those most affected by the crisis, along with those who somehow need support.

Poste Italiane, all initiatives in the field: discounts and cashback

Entering into the benefits of the Poste Italiane initiative, we can find a series of discounts that will be applied to purchases made exclusively with the Bancoposta Card or with Poste Italiane prepaid, Postpaid Postepay has developed into many stores and beyond. The cuts, in percentage terms, would be as follows: 5% on Frisco Mercato and Picard, 4% on Ventis and 5% on Giordano Vini. At the pharmacy, you can save 5% on Pharmanow and Famideal products while the discount applied to the study is 20% con british school And up to 50% with Redooc.

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Another interesting initiative has to do with the possibility of making use of the well-known footprint Cashback To refuel us at Eni stations. Refunds for refueling operations can be up to 100 euros. 10% and can become 12% by downloading the app Establishment And use the “Pay by Postepay” option

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Joining the initiative is completely free and does not require any registration or anything else. It will be enough Just be a customer Italian Post For full automatic access to initiatives booked by the company for its account holders and prepaid card holders. In short, a great initiative to discover.