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These are those who risk losing their citizenship income

These are those who risk losing their citizenship income

An important tightening approved by the government against basic income. In the draft budget law approved by the Cabinet two days ago, a series of strict rules were introduced, as was already expected before ilgiornale.itThis makes the process of obtaining financial support and the path to maintaining compensation even more difficult. It is a pursuit of what is calledcunningWhich, from this moment on, will not have an easy time. First of all, examinations will be increased to avoid the anomalies that have occurred recently. The beneficiaries of the citizenship income have increased significantly and not everyone will be entitled to it.


In 2021, as reported Corriere della SeraNearly 2 million Italian families have received support for at least a month. There are less than 4 million people who own the card, which is staggering numbers, with expenditures reaching around 9 billion euros annually. Each beneficiary puts in his pocket an average of 578 euros per month for a year and a half, and thus the citizen’s income becomes renewable. So far, after submitting the application in the format self testimonial Accompanied by Isee, the green light is awaited for INPS to confer the allotted amount. Economic data is checked immediately, personal data only at a later time. Now things will change.

The new rules

Name, surname, residence and criminal record should be checked immediately. The government expanded the list crimes that are excluded from citizenship income. Another important novelty is related to the declaration of immediate availability of work, which must be signed by the applicant immediately from 2022 and not thirty days after recognition of compensation as is currently the case.

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New restrictions on job offers

The citizenship income mechanism states that if a job is rejected several times, the right to obtain accreditation is lost. Now offers occupation It must not exceed 100 kilometers from the place of residence the first time, 250 kilometers in the second, affecting the entire third national territory. The Cabinet predicted that from next year the first job offer could not be placed more than 80 kilometers from one’s home, but from the second time the job would have to be accepted anywhere in Italy. For municipalities that rent moles social services Those recipients of non-employable income are subject to commitment, as the response has not been satisfactory so far.


also increase Penalties The recipients of citizenship income are not in a good position. One unexplained absence in the job position he recalled from 2022 would mean loss of support. There will be no temporary suspension to be approved yet. The job can only be rejected twice and no more than three times, if the first job offer is not accepted, the allowance will be reduced by €5 per month for each month of non-work, up to a maximum of €300.