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Bad weather, Seveso floods in Milan – News

Bad weather, Seveso floods in Milan – News

Still A wave of severe bad weather over ItalyFlooding caused by flash storms broke this fall’s unusually mild temperatures and dumped large volumes of water on the region in a matter of hours, putting several towns and cities in crisis.

TO The northern part of Milan was flooded by the Seveso A partial blockage of the M3 has caused lake flooding in Como, and raised fears that Adige and Po will have to be drained. Fortunately, however, no victims were recorded during the disputes between the region and the municipality in the Lombard capital. In Milan, in fact, the citizens of at least three areas in the northern part of the metropolis have widespread inconvenience – Isola, Maggiolina and Niguarta – and flooded subways and 3rd line with cars and public transport. Metro train stopped for a while.

Some roads, such as Viale Fulvio Testi and Viale Zara, connecting arteries to the metropolitan belt and motorways, are closed or difficult to pass. So it was a hellish morning for Milanese, and the list of diversions and changes to the surface transport route was long. The flood of Seveso, however, “ended at 12” after about “6 hours”, reported the municipal councilor of defense Marco Granelli, and “after 31 mm of rain in an hour” the sun came out in the capital .

Video Bad weather, heavy rain at night in Milan: Seveso floods

“And some say that the tanks are not needed yet. The Milan tank is being tested, but the others, in the Lombardy region, are behind”, Grenelli wrote on his social pages on the dispute with the Lombardy region. “I believe that Granelli should focus on better managing the city, because I believe that many situations like this have never happened, which prove to be completely abandoned – Lombard Governor Attilio Fontana responded – the rolling bins will be ready, the first will arrive by the end of January, the second by March, we respect the time .
Mayor Giuseppe Sala also spoke on this issue: “I want to point out that yesterday evening a yellow warning was issued by the regional civil defense, so, theoretically, don’t worry. It’s definitely not an accusation, but an observation of how. There is a lot of unpredictability in weather conditions”.

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There was great discomfort in other parts of Lombardy. In Mediglia (Milan), firefighters rescued a woman trapped in a car with two children after a tree fell due to strong winds, and dozens of firefighters intervened across the province for scaffolding, advertising and unprotected tiles. Like flooded cellars. The Milan-Meda highway was blocked by floods and long queues, and a fault on the railway line between Mariano Camens and Seveso caused delays in the circulation of Trenard trains.

TO how As the lake filled up, barricades were erected across the lake. Bad weather in Valtellina and Valciavenna as well: floods, small landslides, falling unprotected trees, about twenty firefighters going out in the whole area. Many alpine passes were closed due to snow or declared navigable only with attached chains. In the Lodi area, wind gusts of 70 kilometers per hour were reported, and the Via Emilia state road between Casalbusterlengo and Sorlesco was also temporarily blocked by a fallen tree.

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