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Bad blow for the Italians, they will have to return all the money from this reward

Bad blow for the Italians, they will have to return all the money from this reward

There is news that will not please many Italians at all, who will have to return all the money from a set reward. any?

Italians at

Regardless of whether it was the cause of euphoria or frustration, sweetheart Renzy bonuses It has turned into a source of distress for many people.

It has been hailed by some as the largest redistributive effort ever in Italy. However, critics dismissed it as a trivial matter political stunt.

However, the Bonus 80 eurosimplemented by Renzi management in 2014, is reflected in the profits of 11.3 million employees.

To be eligible, people must have a monthly income of less than 1500 euros.

Originally allocated 80 euros, then brought 100 eurosreserved exclusively for low-income people.

The goal behind this initiative was to provide assistance to a specific demographic. However, as of 2022, the regulations regarding this bonus have undergone changes.

Initially, the reward underwent changes as the majority shifted and so it was Eliminate completely.

This change in policy affects two distinct categories of individuals and the impact of these changes will be felt for a period of more than two years.

Renzi bonus problems: which ones?

There are two distinct categories of employees based on their annual income. The first category includes those who earn Up to 15,000 euros per year.

Individuals who fall into this category can complete their category with confidence Figure 730 Without worrying about unexpected complications.

In addition, they have a permanent bonus for A total of 1,200 euros. On the other hand, the second category presents potential unpleasant surprises for people who did not adequately inform themselves in a timely manner.

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These individuals fall into the category of workers whose annual income is tBetween 15,000 and 28,000 euros.

This group is responsible for refunds. Unfortunately, this disturbing news may come after you’ve already filed your tax return.

However, there is a way to avoid confusion. There is, in fact, a tool for determining if you have to repay Bonus for the Revenue Agency.

Who will have to return all the money from the renzi bonus

in evaluation Model 730 It is important to take into account two pieces of information: the total deductions sent to the tax authorities and the total amount due.

If the deductions are less than the amount owed, the taxpayer can withhold the bonus. However, if the deductions exceed the amount due, Bonus is returned.

The purpose of this provision is to ensure that individuals within this income bracket do not have to pay anything by combining the benefits of both discounts and bonuses. There are a few categories they have predetermined outcomeone might say.

All money back –

The same pattern applies to people who lack competence. In particular, these are individuals who fall into the lowest income bracket, with an annual gross income of less than 8174 euros.

It is these individuals who receive the most discounts and other forms of assistance.

However, this group will also be subject to the same rule. If the total deductions exceed the amount of the total taxes owed, they will have to Reward waiver. This is because the reward does not rightfully belong to him and must be returned.

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In some cases, taxpayers may find themselves in the position of having to return a bonus due to a situation where the employer incorrectly entered it into a paycheck after the new 2022 legislation had already gone into effect.

Unfortunately, some companies have not been able to achieve this necessary adjustments right on time.

As a result, these taxpayers are now obligated to pay the bonus amountin favor of taxation, any revenue agency.