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Award in the United States of America for Sebastian Perolini and his thesis explaining the flight system

Award in the United States of America for Sebastian Perolini and his thesis explaining the flight system

Bergamo. He says the world’s best researchers are mostly Italian. And it is proof of this: a talent from our homeland, which we must judge. PhD at Bergamo University, Sebastian Perolini, 28 years Albino He is actually a winner in Best PhD Thesis Award 2021, a prestigious award issued by Informs, the world’s leading American association in the fields of data science, management science, and business analytics. with his thesis inModeling the interactions of supply and demand in improving air transport networks“I won in the aviation section.

“I’m really happy – says Sebastian over the phone with Bergamonews – it’s a great achievement. I couldn’t believe it.” He was supposed to attend the awards ceremony in person on Monday, October 25, the day of news of the victory, but the US travel ban due to Covid did not allow him to leave for Los Angeles. such a pity.

However, still all satisfaction with an excellent job. financed saco Through a scholarship, Sebastian’s thesis makes a powerful contribution to the aviation sector: exploiting mathematical optimization, and his work develops systems for the management and planning of aviation networks. “In practical terms – explains this 28-year-old – this means developing decision-making models that determine where to travel, and therefore which routes to choose, when to travel, scheduling with timetables, how to fly, which plane you want to use.”

The system created by the young albino has the decisive feature Combine demand estimation and supply optimization by the company. Speaking of numbers, the result was unusual: “Taking into account competition from competitors, the developed models increase the company’s profit by about 6%.”

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Sebastian graduated in Management Engineering in Bergamo but during his undergraduate career he had the opportunity to deal with major foreign realities by studying in the United States, notably at Harvard and Atlanta, as well as doing a visiting period in Portugal, in Coimbra.

After a high-profile job like the one you just got, there is no shortage of job offers. “The quantitative attitude is in great demand but in the world there are few people who are able to apply it.” He is, of course, one of them. However, he is not currently considering roles in the company: “I chose to stay at UniBg, and I have a three-year research contract as part of a program with Harvard University on the future of mobility.”

He does so out of passion, with the ambition of becoming a future researcher and then a professor: “It is the most flexible job in the world and capable of providing international stimuli that only research can provide.”

But he joked that he did not want to be seen as a lab mouse: “I want to contribute to the world I live in. That is why I chose to prepare a thesis in collaboration with a company. Those who deal with applied engineering then study everyday phenomena and cannot think of separation about real life.

Sebastian is actually nothing but a mind bent on books, especially outside of academia: “I love wine tasting, cooking and exercising outdoors, especially in the mountains. I enjoy my time.” Given the scope of his thesis, it is automatic to think that his last passion is flights and knowledge of the world.

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“I love to travel. The most beautiful part of the research work is all these international conferences. I traveled all over Europe, went three or four times to the United States, and went to Korea.”

At the moment – he concludes – he is missing only Africa. But in fact, it’s a small matter: he already planned that, too. “I have a colleague from Uganda who came to see me and invited me to his wedding next year. What more does one want?”

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