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What is Solid Core Workout, the current fitness trend

Thanks over 5.6 million views on TikToksolid core has become The latest fitness trend right now.

But what exactly is this? Hard-core exercise is a high-intensity, low-impact anaerobic exerciseWhich aims to develop the strength and tone of the muscles of the whole body. The exercise is done on equipment similar to a Pilates reformer that uses resistance to work the body to muscle failure.

In other words, a hard core workout is Pilates’ evil twin. Although both Body shaping exercises The traditional low-impact exercises that are done during a solid core workout are so much more than that hardcore Of those who do for one Pilates class. The body moves through a stressful series of Exercises performed very slowly on a resistance machine Instead of making you slide and float like during Pilates.

Are you intrigued? Or are you wondering what all the fuss is about and why a solid workout has become the fitness trend of the moment? Below are answers to all your questions.

Everything you need to know about the Solid Core Workout Program

Born in America in 2013, the core workout spread like wildfire and finally reached Europe as well. He appeared on the radar today Fitness junkie Thanks to TikTokIn fact, many users have recounted their experience with this type of training, describing it as one of them More difficult yet effective than ever.

But what exactly does it consist of? Includes a typical solid core lesson (approximately 50 minutes) 25 different Pilates-inspired exercises; Like lunges, squats, and planks. The goal is to perform all exercises in a slow and controlled manner, usually counting to four before completing each individual movement.

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These exercises are performed on a specific tool, which is used specifically for hard paper, called Shwetlana, which is similar to a Pilates reformer machine. Just like the latter, Sweatlana is also a type of flat mat that moves back and forth horizontally to which springs are attached. These springs create resistance, making the exercises more challenging. Sweatlana also has foot bars, grips, straps, and other additional equipment that are used throughout the class to target different muscle groups.

It may seem simple, individual movements in and of themselves. But it is certainly not an easy exercise. Doing these exercises and movements very slowly will make your whole body vibrate as it were Slow-twitch muscle fibers It reaches “muscle failure” only after using it for a long time. Which makes the muscles of the abdomen, arms, legs and buttocks work harder than ever to achieve one goal: muscle strength.

However, the solid core exercise is The right type of training for everyoneregardless of fitness level. First, flexibility is definitely not a requirement, and second, the lesson is Customizable according to your capabilities: If necessary, it is enough to adjust the device to reduce the resistance.

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