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“At the time of the draw, I had the least chance of reaching the final.”

“At the time of the draw, I had the least chance of reaching the final.”

in 7:00 pm Final of the fifty-third edition of Nitto ATP Finalsthe second that takes place in a frame PalaAlpitour From Turin. There will be no competition for the title. 4 in the Casper rankings RodNor. 8 ATP Novak Djokovic. Both, thanks to the lump sum no. 1 Alcaraz, were able to enjoy a higher seed this week than their current position in the top 10. And obviously the gap in H2H, Nole is ahead 3-0They met twice in the semi-finals International from Italyin 2020 and 2022 and on both occasions the Serbian won the Romanian title; The third dates back to the last edition of the Turin Finals when they defeated the Norwegian 7-6 (4) 6-2 in the round robin. In general, head-to-head clashes speak of winning 6 sets to zero.

Oldest ever to win the title

The 35-year-old from Belgrade, whose ranking is obviously suffering from not participating in theAustralian Open Championship And the four Masters 1000 North America featured in the calendar – The Sunshine Double with Indian wells And the you love MeAnd the Montreal And the Cincinnati – As well as a firm response from the ATP not to award points in the 2022 edition of Wimbledon after decisionAll England Club To exclude Russian and Belarusian athletes, you will look for it Title VI Career in the masters tournament. A result that would allow him to match the all-time record holder for number of confirmations in the finals: Roger Federer. Moreover, the victory of the Serbian player will make him become one with his team 35 years too Oldest winner of this event Beating the current record, which is also held by Swiss legend V 2011 In London he raised a glass when I read his identity card 30 years and four months, the second ever to graduate as a Masters champion at the end of the year after celebrating his thirtieth birthday: in fact at the moment, in this particular ranking, after the “King” there is Andy Murray who won the 2016 when it was 29 years and six months.

Djokovic to enter the exclusive club of travel experts

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For the 21-time Grand Slam champion, this is the third tournament final since he won his fifth title at the O2 Arena in 2015, after being defeated by Murray In the 2016 And from Zverev In the 2018. Until the first seal came 2008 to me ShanghaiAnd if he succeeds in winning for the sixth time, he will join the exclusive club of those who managed to win the title. Finals in different cities joining Federer (HoustonAnd the Shanghai And the London) and Ilie Nastasewhich can boast of success in four different locations (ParisAnd the BarcelonaAnd the Boston And the Stockholm). Noll will also try to repeat the feat he was already able to achieve in three consecutive editions of the event, from 2012 to me 2014or both Put the title in your pocket with an immaculate record 5-0; Which means at the same time separating the biggest check ever in the history of a tennis event: Historical jackpot Which puts away the undefeated winner $4,740,300.

RUUD to join ALCARAZ and search for a missing group of FEDERER and RODDICK

Casper Rudd, on the other hand, if he is able to subvert expectations, will overtake Rafa in the rankings Nadal returned to occupy Second place in the world In addition to his best rating, he would reach round numbers in terms of the laurels he had in his career: in fact, he would have achieved his tenth title, after nine events class “250”. Thus, his victory would also rewrite a new page of the speed record in becoming the youngest tennis player to finish the year as n. 2 ATP since Roger Federer In the 2003. But it’s really hard to contend with games of fate when they’re involved, because 19 years ago – and therefore the same year ago – hasn’t been anything. 1 very young, Alcarazto take first place in the ranking: So it was Andy Roddick. However, the Norwegian bogey would certainly be more interested in debunking the taboo that deems him a “luxury loser” in the Tour’s major events considering that his record in such prestigious finals, which reads 9-2 in the ATP 250, speaks dry. 0-3: KO They all arrived in 2022, A.J you love Me and allo US Open Championship Reverse Alcarazto me Roland Garros Reverse Nadal. Confirmation of 23 years of oslo would guarantee the “first time” wall of Norway: He will, in fact, be the first Norwegian to win the title, having already been the first to take part in it, and the first Scandinavian to be crowned year-end champion since Stefan’s triumph Edberg in New York at 1989.

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On his way to the final chapter of the competition, Casper beats the number. 6 Auger Alisem, and then. 9 Fritz And in the semi-finals n. 7 Rublev; Receive one irrelevant defeat against no. 2 Nadal When at the moment he was already sure not only of qualification but also of first place in the green group. move from the set, allowing him to become the first tennis player to reach the semi-finals in his first two appearances at the event since Stan’s double. Wawrinka in the biennium 2013-2014. Djokovic’s path is certainly more complex, however, as he was included in what was defined on the eve as the Irons set with three tournament winners in it (plus Nol, Tsitsipas And the Medvedev). The Balkan tennis player achieved victories against the Greek. 3 – no. 7 Rublev, from Daniel Bear – N. 5 – and finally n. 9 Fritz So centeredThe final octave In the finals: became the third Every time Tie with his former coach Baker In terms of the number of finals won behind nine From Lindell and the ten From Federer. While he already holds, alone, the last step of the podium, having put an end to the absence with his idol Pete Sampras, to participate in the semi-finals (11); Just in front of him now Lindell with 12 And the Federer with 16.

The essential difference in concrete performance

But when you dig deeper, it’s probably the data that strikes you the most that makes you fully understand why anyway, and what’s behind it all. Djokovic He is a top candidate in this final; are the related ones titles won by both players in their hard court careersespecially in enclosed spaces, and The number of overall wins made against the top 10. That’s right, there is a huge difference in terms of age with at least 12 years dividing the two – one born in ’87 and the other ’98 but oddly enough he was born on the same day: the 22nd, the Serb in May, the Norwegian in December -. Still, seeing how Novak, with only his two seasonal victories – Tel Aviv and Astana – outpaces his opponent for titles won on the fast track (Rud only won the title in San Diego last year) is impressive: aggregate accounts say 64-1. However, someone could still move a movement of distrust against focusing on these stats by saying that Casper specializes in mud. Of course, but as evidenced by the Miami finals and at the US Open this year, and in general by his seasonal victories in 2021 and 2022, Ibn Art has grown exponentially: in 2020 he had closed with a score of 5-7 Between victories and defeats, the music certainly changed; At the end of last year I read his result 27-10In the 2022 With one game at the end of the season 25-12. The finals are here this year, however, despite boasting more defeats, they give a much bigger prestige to a year on the fast track.

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Novak is looking for the ring figure, in the career successes against the TOP 1O

Sadly, when it comes to concrete indoors, Rod is not in dispute: 16 Addresses vs. Box Casprino Who still says 0. Finally, the record-hungry Djokovic couldn’t help but realize that a potential victory would lead him to get 240 Beating the top ten (10 so far in 2022), here too there is no story: his opponent is there 9 (five this year).

So everything suggests the return of Maestro Novak, after six years of fasting, but who knows if Casper does not want to surprise the tennis world again.