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At the end of January with snow and frost as per tradition? Updates for Merla’s days speak for themselves!

Weather: Late January with snow and frost according to tradition? Updates for Merla’s days speak for themselves!

Possible cold on Blackbird daysFrom a statistical and climatic point of view, January is considered the last The coldest time of the year Really traditional in many parts of Italy and from here The days of the black tiger“.

So far The Winter It was Fluctuations before the weather, Winters with long anticyclonic breaks and nothing but frost.
However, the actual winter may forcibly recede At the end of January And there are important messages in this regard.
The latest updates speak for themselves: A particular event affects the area just above the North Pole and can actually send the atmosphere to a tailspin. In technical terms it is called Stratwarming. The effects could affect not only Europe but also Italy by the end of the month, and according to the data we currently have, the hypothesis of frost and ice up to the plains should not be ruled out.

The turbulent period above the Arctic Circle continues: as we can see from the map below, one could unleash in the next few weeks Stratwarming: With this word, in meteorology, we refer to a paradoxical and radical Global warmingSlightly above the Arctic, in the order of 30 degrees Celsius on some days.
Once activated, this heating gradually expands towards the upper tropics Impact On top of that Polar vortex in about 2/4 weeks: The tropical region decreases immediately, in fact, is forced to decompose (polar vortex displacement) or split into at least 2-3 distinct minimums. (Split Part of the polar vortex), which travels towards the middle latitudes, causing cold waves to the heart of the old continent and hence to our country.
From a climatic point of view, between the end of January and the beginning of February, powerful frost waves have already struck Europe and Italy several times: there are many examples, including 1929, 1956, 1991, 2012 and 2018. .

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Hypothesis – There are still many days, but the big hemisphere-level maneuvers have already begun and may lay the groundwork for the end of January, Along with the days of the black tiger, Very interesting. Our focus is specifically on two key individuals: TheRussian-Siberian antagonism Aside from that and possible interaction Atlantic currents on the other hand. The first number is expected to be very dusty with values ​​below -25 ° C between the Scandinavian Peninsula and the Infinite Russian Steps. Well, thanks for breaking the polar vortex, Part of this icy lake It will flow towards Western Europe and then invest in Italy as well. Formation of hurricane cycles in an Possible combination Will explode In early February.
Will have to wait a little more for details … will definitely get a chance to talk about it again.

Stratwarming: Unusual and unexpected warming of the stratosphere above the North PoleStratwarming: Unusual and unexpected warming of the stratosphere above the North PoleHypothesis of frost waves in late JanuaryHypothesis of frost waves in late January