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To be a hindrance to Tragi, Meterella chooses silence

To be a hindrance to Tragi, Meterella chooses silence

The fact that his name is around like a ghost embarrasses him. This is not only because Matterella does not view Encore’s hypothesis of a second consecutive term after Napoleon, but also confirms the system’s true pathology – which is two times in a row for nine years – and finds itself frozen in self – defense. Current status. But it does not want to become an excuse to prevent Troy from attempting to legally climb the Guernsey. On the other hand, for several weeks now, it is no longer a mystery whether the Prime Minister wants to play his cards to try to become the first Prime Minister to go directly from Calais to Calais. This was clearly and publicly pointed out by the former journal of the ECB. But this can also be seen in the ruling insurgency in Palazzo Chiki these hours, where there is a perception that the experience of many in direct co-operation offices with the prime minister is over. Failing to capture Draghi Colle, in fact, everyone believes that the political turmoil that follows it is uncontrollable. However, the Prime Minister recalled that even in the last few hours, when a new head of state is elected in his personal response, the Prime Minister presents himself to the resigning Quirinal. Of course, this is a matter of honorable resignation, always rejected in practice. But the paradigm of 1955 (the Skelba government when Cronje was elected) suggests that the prime minister is contemplating less consensual situations. Of course, the former ECB is not currently considering staying in Chiki after the referendum on Colle. Apparently, less than an encore from Matterella.

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This is a scene where the interested party continues to forcefully reject. But the complexity of the situation goes back to proposing again. If boxes were made in the quirine to be sent to Palazzo Giustinian – allocating rooms to the future ex-president would be subject to some tensions in identifying suitable rooms. Among Traki’s banned entourage, Ciki has already consulted with law firms to understand how their contract would change if Cole were “moved”.

In this confusing and difficult to understand structure, Matterella certainly has the intention of being on the sidelines. Mastella says that if parliament decides to re-elect him, it is right to say, “He certainly can not be Celestino V,” but there is no doubt that the head of state sees this situation as a last resort. The disappearance of Matterella from radar was not a coincidence, as he confined himself to the finals of the Italian Volleyball Italian Cup in the early days of 2022 and the meeting with astronaut Cristoforetti and ESA leaders. For the rest, it sank. And he will continue it until the referendum on his successor. In fact, he’s been considering the idea of ​​an official note like Zimbabwe – that was on May 3, 2006 – confirming that he has not been available for seven years.

And then, of course, if Parliament could really stumble, it would be hard to back down before a coral appeal. This is the reason why the idea of ​​resigning if there is no heir by February 3 has been put aside for the last 48 hours. It is true that this will solve a complex constitutional problem – there is no clear rule governing whether the Senate President should be removed or replaced after the term of the President expires – but it will send a dangerous signal. Dramatizing the situation. Moreover, politics attests to its inability to accept its role.

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