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De Falco: "Those 45 Minutes to Avoid Assassination"

De Falco: “Those 45 Minutes to Avoid Assassination”

Senator Gregorio di Falco, known to the public for coordinating rescue efforts in the event of Concordia drowning, described the tragic night and responded to the allegations made by Shetino’s daughter.

What really happened during that hour? Can a shipwreck order be issued first?

“The clash took place at 9.45 pm. A few minutes later, bridge crews, including First Officer Icarino, checked the damage, and then, at about 21.50, it became clear that the ship was lost and had to be abandoned because three consecutive boxes had sunk, meaning the ship was no longer safe. Therefore a procedure should be initiated to protect passengers and staff. On the contrary, Costa did not warn anyone about what had happened. The operating room in Livorno heard something strange about an unidentified passenger ship between Savona and Barcelona.

How do you know it’s a Costa ship?

“There is something strange here because a traveler called his daughter and told her to look, because we are in the dark, the ship is off and things are falling off the table. The girl, in fact, called Prato’s carabinieri, and one of them, not knowing anything about the navigation, warned the captain close to him. However, when we finally found the ship, we were told about a slight blackout, which in our view did not justify the objects falling off the table. So we called Concordia, without some difficulty, there is a bow to the south near the island of Kiglio, which is another element that does not suggest a normal “.

Would the expected activities have saved lives?

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“Upon learning of the abandonment of Concordia, instead of waiting for the ship to capsize and a general emergency be provided, public meeting places and lifeboats should be notified immediately. Even in doubt the emergency had to be given. Too bad, let’s just say sorry. However, a ship, as a rule, had to depart in 30 minutes, but operations began after 45 minutes. In fact the lifeboats were put out to sea and only sailed straight at 22.56, by mistake, perhaps even there due to the impact of those who had already boarded or were allowed to do so on any occasion. That’s when the commander said, “Okay, let’s go ashore.” Then he thought it over and another 15-20 minutes passed. However, as more time passed, the ship tilted further. At one point it was so bad that the left Life boats could not die down.

What happened next?

“Standing on three sides, did not slip into the sea. About 450 people had to get out of the lifeboats and were escorted by the Coast Guard rescue squad to the spot where the rope ladder was on the left. I did not mention to the captain that it was put forward on the right. The whole thing was taken by helicopter. In short, the process began immediately. Instead, they waited 45 minutes and my request. Fortunately, our recovery did not wait. “

Shetino’s daughter accuses him of not understanding the situation at the specified time, how would you respond?

“It simply came to our notice then. You need to know what you are talking about. One is the functional character, the other is the trick. 75 miles away I did not see the situation, but I knew. In fact, I had to coordinate the efforts of 48 naval units and 8 helicopters. So, I do not understand what that young woman is referring to, and what I missed above all else.

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Some phone calls were not reported prior to the much-discussed conversation with Shetino. What did you say to each other?

“I told her in court. There are even television broadcasts on various communications, not on phone calls because the first three are via radio, which takes place on the bridge when someone is still there. When they were all gone, we tried to call them on the phone, and after several attempts we were informed that the captain had coordinated the rescue mission from the lifeboats. We later learned that it was on the ground, not there. Then, there were other contacts. For example, at 10.34 there was that radio in which I let him know that I was in danger of declaring an emergency. Then another, at 22.48, at 22.56 at which I ask them if it is right to announce the abandonment of the ship. Actions are common and can be found on the Internet “.

Ten years later, is the story completely clear?

“It’s very clear in the essential developments: the dynamics of the conflict, the ship’s abandonment. Would have been safer.

Did the wrongdoers pay for everything?

“I think so. It is not true that Schettino alone gave the money. Although he acted irrationally from the point of impact to the end of the operation, the process was carried out by finding the responsibility of others so considered, without changing the course, keeping the ship at sixteen knots and a few hundred yards from the island. Dangerous navigation, so the supervising officer had to intervene first and alternatively, the code says, third.second training, so he has no such role.

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How would you respond to those who ask for religious silence?

“One should not remain silent about the truth”.

In your opinion, is it worth remembering January 13th?

“I will attend anniversaries because it is not important to remember behavior and responsibility, but only important to remember 5-year-old innocent victims like Dayana Arlotti.”