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At half past eight, Conte blurts out to Gruber: “Resignation?”, nerves tense over the document.

At half past eight, Conte blurts out to Gruber: “Resignation?”, nerves tense over the document.

Giuseppe Conte, the leader of the 5 Star Movement, actively defends Federico Cafiero de Raho, a former national anti-mafia and anti-terrorism prosecutor and was elected to the Chamber of the 5 Star Movement. The magistrate was at the helm of DNA from 2017 to 2020, a period affected by the illegal access of financier Pasquale Striano, who ended up at the center of the investigation after a complaint by Minister Crocetto following an article in Il Tomani. Perugia prosecutor's office said in the document. Lili Gruber's guest in the Otto e mezzo episode on Thursday 7th, at La7, Conte recalls the “victimized” role of his partner Olivia Paladino and “one of the spies together with reason, emotion and the whole field”. “Professional communication”. “The privilege of demanding a victim's role should not be left to centre-right opponents,” declares the former prime minister.

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Today Cantone testified to the Anti-Mafia Commission, from Conte's words “there are no flaws in the National Anti-Mafia Directorate”, but “we are talking about a treacherous officer. Guardia de Finanza”. Gruber recalled that many databases were actually subject to illegal access, and Stryno was not acting alone. “This has nothing to do directly with the Office of the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor,” M5s argues, saying that the financier “entered the networks with a password code while staying at home, remotely, night and day: the truth to raise this. Even fussing and accusing the organization and direction of the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor at that time. is an exploitation.”

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In short, Conte finally gets to the point: Cafiero de Raho, today in the Anti-Mafia Commission. As for the leader Grillino, he is a “champion of anti-Mafia” who today is “accused of unworthy exploits by centre-right supporters”, attacking Conte. To clear things up, Gruber asks Grillino if it would be a good idea for the MP to resign. Back off? “Are you kidding?” Conte makes it clear that a lawyer cannot be held liable for a disloyal employee. Although this and other aspects remain to be clarified by Canton's investigation. “But who has to resign?”, he insists to the host. According to Conde, it is necessary to leave to the judiciary “the task of fully verifying the factual consistency of these allegations”. Your man should be in his place…