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Astronomical observatories, located in the Emilia-Romagna region

Astronomical observatories, located in the Emilia-Romagna region

Bologna, March 11, 2024 –being It is increasingly confirmed that it is an entity that is not yet fully known and hides many mysteries, but in… Our area It is possible to find and visit suitable structures to satisfy the curiosity of enthusiasts.

here below, List of astronomical observatories Active in Emilia Romagnacollected by province, where possible Thanks to the right tools Notice the heavenly vault that surrounds us and all beings It happenedThe one that gives us, finally the passage Comet 12P/Vons-Brooks.

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Observatories in Bologna

Among the forests of the Apennines in Bolognese, in the region Ca Antinori fall between Medellana and Monte Pastoreit is possible to make purely scientific and recreational observations insideFelsina Astronomical Observatory.

Also in the Apennines, at an altitude of 800 kilometers above sea level, and 37 kilometers from Bologna, is Loiano Astronomical StationIt is equipped with two observation domes and a 150-meter telescope.

a San Giovanni in PersicetoHowever, there is an entire area dedicated to astronomy: Heaven and Earth Museum It offers the possibility to attend unique shows thanks to the Abiti Municipal Observatory located in the immediate vicinity.

a GranaroloInstead, it is placed there STAR – Rigetti Astronomical Stationat No. 97 Via San Donato.

Observatories in Ravenna

Along with Bologna, it is Ravenna The governorate with the largest number of observatories. Almost on the border with the province of Forli Cesena we findObservatory dedicated to Don Dino Molesilocated in the protection area fromLight pollution Of a radius of 15 km. Moving on to Faenza, you will find the unprofessional observatory.”Urania Lammonia“It is run by the group of amateur astronomers Faenza.

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In Lugo, not far from the municipality of Cotignola, there is another non-professional observatory, the Observatory. “Rocatti” I managed before Antares amateur astronomers group.

We conclude our review of the Ravenna observatories in Monteromano, within the municipality of Brisigella, positioned at an altitude of 765 meters above sea level, which provides a 360-degree view of the sky.

Observatories in Reggio Emilia

Within the lands of the municipality of Al-Fatiya Ventaso (Born in 2016 after the merger of several other municipalities), the observatory is located on Via S. Lucia delle Fonti, and is managed by Group of amateur astronomers in Reggio Emilia Apennine. A few kilometers away, in the neighboring municipality Villa MinosoThere is a dedicated monitoring station Pierino Zambonini, whose radius also affects the province of Modena. In the mountainous countryside a ScandinavianYou can visit “Lazzaro Spallanzani”Designed on an area of ​​3000 square meters.

Observatories in Parma

There are two observatories in the governorate Parma. One of these is located in Niviano degli ardini It has a radius of 15 km, which also includes the nearby province of Reggio Emilia, while the other,Bellatrix Observatorycan be visited in the municipality ColicchioClosed between the neighboring municipalities of Parma and Noceto.

Observatories in Ferrara

The adjustable metal dome dominatesSocial Astronomical Observatory “Paolo Natale”.It is located inside the natural oasis near the farm “Nature Village” In a municipality Hosted. In a municipality centInstead the observatory Borgatti It also organizes free visits for groups of people. It is located at 6 Dante Alighieri Street and is currently managed by itAssociation of Amateur Astronomers Centesi.

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Observatories in Modena

It was built between 1975 and 1978 by the voluntary association of the same name A Cafesoin the lower plain of Modena, observatory “Gimignano Montanari” He usually organizes scientific initiatives, especially during his term Opening to the public on Friday evening.

Observatories in Forlì and Cesena

close Predappio AltaObservatory Montemaggiore It is located in an area away from fog and light pollution. During observation operations, you can also stay inside the building thanks to the impressive sliding roof.

Observatories in Rimini

We conclude the long review with the observatory “Nicolaus Copernicus” to Greetings, has been active for over 40 years. It was built in 1977 on the foundations of an old ruin. To access the building, you must first register with the association “Group of Amateur Astronomers N. Copernicus”.