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Assault on US Congressman 'shaman' Jake Angeli sentenced to 41 months in prison: 'Face of rebellion stirred up crowd'

Assault on US Congressman ‘shaman’ Jake Angeli sentenced to 41 months in prison: ‘Face of rebellion stirred up crowd’

wholesale will serve a 41 months in prison, about 3 and a half years, Jacob Chansley, now known as lo Qanoon Shamanface iconAssault on the United States Congress On January 6, after defeating Donald Trump In the last US presidential election. A model sentence, decided by the district judge, Royce Lamberth, given that Chansley was not charged with aggression, even if he was in any case less than the 51 months requested by the federal attorney general who was aiming for a cruel and also symbolic punishment because of the fame obtained by the man who attacked symbols of American democracy made up of his face and a headscarf on his head.

The famous criminal acts of the accused now (also known by the pseudonym Jake Angeli, used during the period when he tried to practice the profession of acting, so) made him the public face of the revolution a Capitol Hill – The judge explained the motive for the verdict – The accused was among the group of the first 30 rioters to enter Congress, patrolling the hallways, and inciting other rioters to yell obscene at Representatives and Senators and talk about an “opportunity” to get rid of the government. whom I consider traitors.”

That against Chansley is the third sentence affecting those involved in the raid on Capitol Hill and the most difficult besides the one that Judge Lamberth himself decided last week for Scott VerlamenA former MMA wrestler admitted to assaulting a policeman. Before Chancely he was found guilty too Paul HodginsHe was sentenced to 8 months in prison.

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