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Aside from thermal insulation, this way you can really reduce your home's energy costs: what it costs to install and how to set it up

Aside from thermal insulation, this way you can really reduce your home's energy costs: what it costs to install and how to set it up

Do you want the best choice of thermal coat? We suggest a much cheaper and more efficient alternative!

In ongoing efforts to reduce environmental impact and energy costs, more and more people are doing so Explore innovative heating solutions And cool their homes. There are many alternatives but we need to know how to evaluate which one is best for each of us and above all what is effective and economical.

What is the best alternative to thermal layer? –

Among the most effective and sustainable options, Heat pump is emerging as an excellent option compared to traditional thermal insulation. Not only does this device offer significant energy savings, but it also has a number of benefits that make it an attractive option for those looking for a long-term solution. Let's go see them all.

Why choose a heat pump?

One of the defining features of a heat pump is its ability to Exploiting the energy contained in the outside air to heat the house, provide hot water, and cool the rooms. About 75% of the energy used by this device comes from the surrounding environment, thus reducing dependence on the electricity grid. This aspect is crucial for those who are looking for a solution with a low environmental impact and want to contribute to energy sustainability.

The heat pump is much more efficient and economical –

From an economic point of view, install a heat pump It can lead to significant savings on energy bills, It is estimated to be between 40% and 70% compared to traditional systems. With government incentives available, the initial investment can be recovered in less than three years.

Given that the average life of a heat pump exceeds 20 years, every euro invested in the system can generate a cumulative return that exceeds the initial investment by at least five times over time. Moreover, it provides a heat pump Possibility of eliminating the traditional boilerintegrating heating and cooling functions into one system.

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This not only simplifies the home infrastructure, but also avoids unnecessary duplication of systems. Air/water heat pumps are compatible with a variety of heating systems, such as conventional radiators, underfloor systems and fan or split coil units.

An important aspect to consider is Duration and maintenance. Unlike traditional boilers, heat pumps have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance over time. Moreover, since they do not produce combustion gases, they help reduce the emission of harmful particles into the home environment.

Eliminating the need for gas can also be extended to the kitchen by incorporating induction hobs and taking full advantage of the efficiency of the heat pump. An additional advantage is Heat pumps are compatible with different heating systemsincluding conventional radiators, split or fan coil units and floor systems.

For example, installing a radiant floor system not only frees up space on the walls by eliminating radiators and splits, but also contributes to reduced energy consumption thanks to operation at low temperatures. This translates to a more comfortable and uniform environment, as well as a reduced presence of mites, mold and dust. And what will you choose?