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Nerves in the corridors of the Bank of Italy, bad discovery in the payroll of employees on fringe benefits

Nerves in the corridors of the Bank of Italy, bad discovery in the payroll of employees on fringe benefits

connection from Bank of Italy He raised a protest among the representatives of the internal unions. The bank has decided that all of its employees will be deducted from their February salaries to cover Taxes on fringe benefits which they enjoy. The recent Aiuti quater decree states that income taxable on fringe benefits must be taken into account if the total amount exceeds the equivalent 3000 euros. And in the list of compensation that workers receive in the form of goods and services, not cash, the bank said it will also include loans and end-of-service bonuses that it disbursed. csr. what is he talking about? there Grants and Savings Bank It is a people’s bank created on the initiative of a group of Bankitalia employees. The advantage is that among shareholders and customers only Bankitalia employees, in service or retired, and their very close family members can be counted.

It never happened that the employees of Pancatalia and the trade unions that represented them stood in unanimous opposition to the leaders of Via Nazionale. In leaflets distributed by the unions, forms of agitation and legal action against the Bank of Italy were announced. Exceptions to the case are given by the fact that the protest is intended to pay taxes, and those who receive additional benefits are entitled to the law. “The legislation relating to contribution and taxation provides that all amounts and values ​​generally received in connection with an employment relationship constitute income from employment,” the institute’s communication reads. “Under the express provisions of the law, this notion also includes the goods transferred or services provided to the employee’s spouse or members of his family, including the right to obtain them from third parties.”

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Then a description of the additional benefits: «With regard to in-kind compensation, the tax regulations specify methods for determining its monetary value and stipulate that it is subject to tax only if the total amount exceeds 258.23 euros; This limit has been raised for 2022 to 3000 euros By quadruple aid decree. If this limit is exceeded, the annual aggregate value of all in-kind payments received must be subject to taxes and social security contributions. In terms of the representative regulatory framework, in 2022, the bank has been subject to taxes fringe benefits of an amount exceeding 3000 euros accused during the year.

At the Bank of Italy, these fees, paid in forms other than a cash contribution, fall into three categories: advances on severance pay—known as severance pay—and contributions paid by paying off interest on mortgage loan transactions and loans granted by Csr. On this last point, the Valbi – Independent Workers Confederation Banca d’Italia – comments: “It is a very questionable decision given that colleagues and associates are not employees of the CSR, and therefore the bank intends to strike credit provided by a third party”.

The union increases: “The behavior of CSR on this occasion is symbolic, as it has been cooperating with the bank for months by providing it with the necessary literature to carry out such an operation, but did not intend to deliver it to” its clients. “: One wonders whether CSR is an independent member-owned trust or a simple operating arm of the Bank. As we have stated time and again in previous correspondence, we will take legal action to counter such a punitive decision by the Bank.” until the Sibc – Independent Central Bank Syndicate – deals with the services provided to employees by the Exclusive Grants and Provident Fund: «It does not appear that when granting loans and credits, CSR informs the borrowers formally that the applicable rate is facilitated on the basis of the (confidential) agreement stipulated by the Fund with the employer and therefore subject to the tax consequences that may result from it.

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Furthermore, Selb adds that many CSR clients testified that the “purported super-support rate of their mortgages was in fact equal to what they could have gotten even from abroad, and if they had known they had gotten themselves into a mess of tax rules and crazy apps they would have thought twice before They turn to the cashier. Giving transparent information to clients is not an optional courtesy: it is an obligation that those who supervise would expect of any broker.” finally , Oilka – the branch of the Italian Workers’ Union, Credit, Tax Collection and Insurance – let it be known that all the trade unions agreed to demonstrate together against the Bank, and requested a “meeting aimed at coordinating action in favor of the staff team”.

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