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"Arthur is not available, de Ligt is playing. Locatelli is still behind"

“Arthur is not available, de Ligt is playing. Locatelli is still behind”

Turin – The 34th round of the Italian Serie A championship concluded with the match scheduled for Monday at 20.45 at Mapei Stadium between Sassuolo and Juventus. The Bianconeri, having won the pass to the Italian Cup final against Inter at Olympique on May 11, want to finish fourth and take advantage of the Giallorossi’s knockout exit against the Nerazzurri. Nieroverde de Dionissi, who beat Allianz 2-1 in the first leg, will try to compensate for the knockout in the last round at Cagliari (1-0). In the press conference held on the eve of the Massimiliano Allegri match, this is how he presented a match against the Emilians.

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Sassuolo Juventus, Allegri’s possible line-up: warm Dybala and Cuadrado

What game could be tomorrow?

It will be a tough match because Sassuolo, when he comes from defeat, is always difficult to face. It’s a technical team, in an excellent location. For them it is an important match because winning against Juventus will be a prestigious result, you have to play a correct, technical, serious match, otherwise we will come out with broken bones.”.

With fourth place and the Italian Cup season in line with the goals?

“Fourth place is not arithmetic yet. Having reached the Coppa Italia final allows us to play for the cup and it is still a goal. For fourth place is still a long way, let’s take it one step at a time. Then in the end we will evaluate the work done, not only on Results “.

Allegri: "With Sassuolo, a serious match, otherwise it will be difficult"

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Allegri: Against Sassuolo, it will be a serious match, otherwise it will be difficult

Will there be changes in midfield?

“After training I will decide. Arthur is not recovering, and we hope to bring him back to Venice. We are the usual, after training I will evaluate who we play. There will be some changes, in midfield it depends on how they are”.

How are McKennie and Locatelli refunds done?

“McKinney took his first steps in the race yesterday, and he’s a lot better. Not many days left until the end of the season. Locatelli is still behind, and I don’t know if he will be able to come back before the end of the season.”.

Juventus, the Premier League begins in the summer in the United States

Allegri: "Locatelli may not return for the end of the season"

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Allegri: “Locatelli may not return at the end of the season”

What is Dionysian missing for the leap?

“I don’t have the assumption and I don’t have to give advice. Sassuolo has actually fallen very well, putting his things into it. They play very simple matches, with excellent players. Together with the Italian and Thiago Motta is a young and future coach. He can go to coach the top three teams. In Italy “.

Commentary on a European spring trip? Any advice for young coaches?

“Nothing is left of me from Sassuolo, just a big affection for those who are still there. I’m still connected to the Squinzi family, for me it’s been an important year and when I come back I always feel happy even if they have recently given me some disappointments. They are very good. I was very sorry.” For Primavera, unfortunately this is football: from a game practically lost after ten minutes to the comeback and then the penalty lottery. There was excellent work in the youth sector. The players who made it to the first team in the youth sectors have grown since they were between the ages of 8 and 10 Years. These are stats I saw here at Juventus, I saw in Milan. The youth sector in Juventus is doing a great job, the coach has been very good, then adding the second team is important because the transition from Primavera to professional is difficult. “

Caio Jorge: “Great battles are only for great warriors”

Robot growth?

“He’s doing better, and slowly also getting close to scoring. He’s growing, he’s confident, he has a different drive than the others and he still has many years to do well.”

Does Morata play de Ligt?

“De Ligt is fine, he can play. I have to choose one between Bonucci and Chiellini. Morata I have to decide today, I have all of them at my disposal. The important thing against Fiorentina is that everyone on the bench came in well and that’s a benefit.”

Juventus, in defense we need one: the future of power plants

Allegri in conclusion:

“I would like to wish Stefano Taccone the best of luck, and we hope to see him again as soon as possible.”.

Stefano Tacconi has been hospitalized with an under-reported diagnosis

Allegri: "Good luck Stefano Tacconi"

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Allegri: “Good luck to Stefano Tacconi”

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