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Tomorrow’s Tower May 26, 2022 – Blackbeard

Tomorrow’s horoscope May 26, 2022: Here’s what to expect black bird And how the positions and movements of the celestial bodies in relation to the Earth affect all signs.

Your horoscope for tomorrow, May 26th

Aries. 21/3 – 20/4

As the Moon moves to Saturn, you will have many chances to meet that at first it will seem superficial, but then will prove solid and thick. Use the wait strategy: Wait for the opportunity to express the right things and do them at the right time.

ox. 21/4 – 20/5

Don’t get too excited with your better half: everyone can make mistakes. In fact, your sensitivity may give you an opportunity to reflect. Thanks to a family member, you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself in new environments and take an interest in innovative reality.

twins. 21/5 – 21/6

Give your partner a nice surprise, a special gift. Want to be forgiven: lately, due to obligations, I neglected it a little. You will live in the present, shoulder burdens and take on responsibilities, whether they are fun or not.

cancer. 22/6 – 22/7

The day will be a little turbulent due to the spiteful Moon in Aries, who will enjoy creating some obstacles that you will quickly overcome. It is better not to compete with those who already know initially that they have more experience and skills than your own.

Lion. 23/7 – 23/8

The stars continue to shine, especially as it relates to the affairs of your heart. You will be empathetic to others, and you will build inspiring friendships. With the help of Venus, Mars and Jupiter, you will reconsider some realities of your life with different eyes.

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Bakr. 24/8 – 22/9

If your profession does not completely satisfy you, then beware, hitherto unimaginable opportunities may arise. However, be careful in making decisions. With the beneficial intervention of Uranus, he will solve a delicate economic problem.

Balance. 23/9 – 22/10

Do not worry, if you feel a strong sense of turmoil: they are hostile to Venus, Mars and Jupiter, which create anxiety and agitation, but soon everything will pass. The opposite of Mars will put Mercury on you. A dynamic but tiring day awaits you.

The scorpion. 23/10 – 22/11

Neptune that lights up your skies gives you a very powerful and fruitful insight. Take advantage of it to expand your new contacts. A conducive environment will lead you to an already great increase in self-confidence.

Sagittarius. 23/11 – 21/12

Dare: Venus, Mars, and Jupiter will guide you. This way you will be able to use your imagination well in rather unusual activities, and you will reap the benefits and pleasure from them. After preparing for recovery, it is time to act with determination and courage. So, get busy!

Capricorn. 12/22 – 1/20

Watch out for impermanence, with Mars and Jupiter in the box, you’re probably not very linear: one minute you’ll want one thing, and one minute the opposite. Mars is an enemy of Aries: pay attention to how you handle iron and knives.

Aquarium. 21/1 – 19/2

Thanks to Moon in sextile to Saturn, you will encounter the opening of outstanding positions, with the goal of clearly reclaiming your determination. Even if you do not achieve your high aspirations, you still have great satisfaction.

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fish. 20/2 – 20/3

Pluto keeps smiling at you. You will experience creative and meaningful changes in your usual environments: in the family, in friendships, at work. You will receive sincere and satisfactory appreciation from the person you just met.

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