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Amazon, How to Change Your Payment Method: Steps to Follow

Amazon, How to Change Your Payment Method: Steps to Follow

How to change your payment method on Amazon, here's how: the easy steps to follow to do it right away.

There are many different important aspects that attract attention when talking about Amazon, the well-known e-commerce company and a strong reference point for many users. In fact, the popular e-commerce portal is associated with incredible success, considering the large number of users who access it daily to make online purchases.

Amazon, changing your payment method is very easy –

In fact, as the most interested users know, Amazon is a platform that hosts many different products divided into different categories, which over time has become increasingly central both for everyday purchases and for specific shopping of different types of items, ranging from consumer electronics to household products. Beauty products, books, video games and more.

Given the speed of shipments associated with Amazon Prime, the curiosities and questions that concern users and the platform itself can be diverse, and one of these questions is certainly related to… Amazon payment method and how to change it, That is, what are the steps that must be followed. Change your payment method information, as well Remove and add method They are not complex operations. Here's how to do it in no time.

How to Change Payment Methods on Amazon: Details and Steps You Need to Know

Steps and some details to explore about Change payment methods on Amazon They are items that interest users, and the procedure to follow is particularly intuitive and accessible to everyone. Regarding changing information about payment methods, you must first go to the Amazon portal and log in, then click account list, Then he arrives Arithmetic Finally it arrives My payments.

Amazon's payment method, here's how to change it in a few steps –

We need to focus on that release Follow the changes before saving. At the same time, it is possible Remove or add a payment method, If the card expires or the number changes. In this case, the selected method will be removed and a new method added. To do this you need to choose the method by clicking on release, And then up Remove From your wallet H Confirm deletion.

Adding the new payment method to your Amazon account requires a click Add a new payment methodThen select it by entering the data and actually save everything, focusing on Add. These are the steps related to the web browser, while For those using the official Amazon Shopping app, You need to focus on the little man icon and then… Arithmetic. Accordingly, payments and transactions, Where you will see a preview of the stored cards. By clicking on the latter it will be possible to modify the details; with “+add” Instead, new payment solutions will be added.

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