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Leonardo da Vinci, The Rotting Gym, The Masters: “How to Enter the Cellar”

Leonardo da Vinci, The Rotting Gym, The Masters: “How to Enter the Cellar”

“Guys, let's go to the basement.” Except instead of cured meats, there are basketball baskets. The young men in question are those from the Via Negri branch of Colombini High School and the 'basement' is The gymnasium near the Leonardo da Vinci Institute. Which students attend during physical education hours. The gym deserved its name – a vault in fact – becauseThe unmistakable smell of moisture stagnant in the environment. You only have to look at photographs taken in the past few days to see some noticeable mold spots on the walls: one is directly behind the basket, while another is between two windows.
The report comes from physical education teachers From Colombini who have seen the situation getting worse in recent days: “It's like you're entering a cellar – they explain dejectedly – the smell is the same. It's not hygienic and it's not hygienic.”

Reporting to the district

A report in this regard has already been sent to the prefecture responsible for the administration of secondary schools in the region: “A technician from the institution came to make an inspection – some teachers explain – there is a broken or blocked gutter. He assured us that measures will be taken this summer. It is a pity that we still have to go.” Two months of study.”

Question in the gym: nerve discovered

The “gymnasium issue” in Colombini is, among other things, a sore nerve: at the main headquarters, the structure is subject to interference that makes it unusable, so students are forced to move every time to logistically inconvenient places such as the gym In Chewb. However, yesterday was also the topic of intervention: cockroach disinfection.

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