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All around, the new trailer tells us about the game and how it plays out in practice

All around, the new trailer tells us about the game and how it plays out in practice

At PC Gaming Expo: Most Wanted 2023 was showcased once again Everywhere, the game that has a little bit of everything and will focus on the creativity of its users. During the event, through a pre-recorded video, the main members of Build a Rocket Boy talked about various details about the game, explaining what it is and what we can expect. The team also spoke to PC Games and explained the matter How the game works.

As shown, at the heart of every place is a structure Action game from a third-person perspective. We’ll find multiplayer matchmaking, unlockable costumes, the ability to drive, and more. But the real focus will be on content creation by users.

Starting from the axis known as Eutropia citywhere we will find shops and museums within the game and even in the cinema, we will be able to venture towards different biomes to explore, and open world areas with portals that also lead to pre-built levels.

However, with “Arcadia,” players can Create new levels. You’ll be able to define artificial intelligence for characters, create lighting systems, change sound, position objects, write code, and more. In short, we will have to create levels, but without the possibility of sculpting 3D models (something found for example in PlayStation’s Dreams). It will also be possible to insert portals to levels within other levels.

“Stamps” are everywhere, to create and sell

Every place can be a little bit of everything, as long as you create it

Everything created is labeled as “Seal“: It can be a door, a tower, or even just a piece of code for some kind of action in the game. Stamps can be donated to other players or sold for in-game currency. Additionally, the goal is to ensure that the game economy accounts for the use of stamps.

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If you sell stamps For the player and creates something more complex with your stamp inside it, you take a cut of the player’s winnings. We’ll have to see how that works in detail, but the idea sounds interesting to keep players interested in creating and sharing their creations.

We also remember that the first version of the game was announced along with the release date.