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Alfa Romeo Brennero: This is the name of the small SUV

Alfa Romeo Brennero: This is the name of the small SUV

Symbolic places The idea is as tempting as it is mysterious:Alfa Romeo She posted a short video on her social channels (minimum) where some geographic coordinates flow. Three of them refer to famous places emblematic of the Biscione brand: the Arese Museum, the Balocco Circuit and the Stelvio Corridor. The fourth coordinate instead points to another place that will become an integral part of the brand: the Brenner Corridor. And then Alpha Roma Brenner That should be the name of a new one B- Four-wheel drive cars Which will reach the agents in June 2024.

From Brennero to Milan -The little crossover Alpha Roma BrennerWhich will share many components with the Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600, and is expected to be shown to audiences around the world. March 2024. At the beginning of September we posted some photos (above(Who were in front of the car)here News), which showed a bold front end, featuring LED headlights divided into different light points. At that time it was supposed to B- Four-wheel drive cars It could be called Milan, a name that Alfa Romeo has registered with the European Patent Office. At this point we can imagine that the Milano name will instead be reserved for another Alfa Romeo car, the big Su (in a class above the Stelvio) that the company’s CEO has already announced and should arrive in 2027.

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