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Adele returns after 6 years of silence: Here’s ‘Easy on Me’

back Adele It is now confirmed.

The British star announced the release of First bachelor after 6 years From Silence: October 15th arrives (also on TIMMUSIC) easy for me. In the short black and white video shared by the singer, you can already hear a preview of the song.

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Likes easy for me by Adele

The piano tour, a few seconds of music, which, however, immediately caused goosebumps. easy for me By Adele promises to be an explosion of emotions and fans are already crazy with joy.

easy for me In Italian it can mean “nice to me” but also “you made things easy for me”. In the video, you can see Adele’s beautiful eyes reflected in the car mirror: Voice someone like You He inserts an old cassette tape into the cassette player, starts the piano, his arm moves out the window, the car is framed from behind, but behind it he has attached a trailer. Texts and music tracks fly away from the moving medium.

The teaser, which appeared on the web by surprise in the late afternoon of October 5, follows rumors created by the campaign that appeared in various cities around the world. In February 2020, Adele, the wedding guest of her close friend, promised fans that a record would arrive shortly thereafter, in September 2020. Then the pandemic canceled her plans.

Adele’s career

Adele, born in 1988, made her debut in 2008 with the album 19It was well received by music critics. Three years later, here’s the album’s international success 21Which contains songs that have become great classics: Rumors run deep, one and only, turning the tables NS someone like You.

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It was released on November 25, 2015 25 With this project, Adele became the first artist to sell more than three million copies in one week in the United States of America. the hit Hello It is one of the most listened to songs in recent years. Between the second and third albums, there was an Academy Award for Best Song sky fallThe soundtrack to the James Bond movie of the same name.

Adele has always named her albums in reference to her age at the time of publication. If so, it should be the title of the next album 33.