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University, investigation of medicine competitions: Massimo Galli also achieved

University, investigation of medicine competitions: Massimo Galli also achieved

The Public Prosecutor: Galy preferred to recruit some candidates – As Professor at the University of Milan, Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences at Sacco, and Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Massimo Galli was “concerned” about “promises and complicity” in recruitment procedures on a temporary basis “4 executive biologists” in favor of “two candidates” In particular. This is one of the episodes in which the infectious disease specialist disputed, the prosecutor wrote in the decree, explaining that he was going to act in competition with Asst Fatebenefratelli’s director general Alessandro Visconti and his colleague Manuela Nebuloni.

Galle replica – “I’m calm, I have nothing to say.” So said the chief physician of the Sacco Hospital in the investigation conducted by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office. “Not at all, I won’t answer. These are things I’m not completely aware of,” Galley added to those who asked for comment on the story.

“Fake” contest – Also according to the prosecutor, Ghali had falsified the “competition” in favor of a winning candidate and would have committed fraud as a member of the “selection board” in the “candidate evaluation” report on February 14, 2020. Endorsed that “the prospectus containing the attributed scores was the result of work Collectively”, while the “agreement” was not made until much later.

For this procedure, the winning candidate Agostinho Riva, Galli’s secretary and two members of the jury, La Sapienza University professor in Rome, Claudio Maria Mastroianni, and Palermo University professor, Claudia Colomba, are also investigated. . Galle, Mastroianni and Columba, who were part of the committee, will certify that “the prospectus containing the scores attributed was the result of the committee’s collective work and that it was prepared during the online meeting” on February 14, 2020, while “in fact, this document was subsequently agreed upon.” Only by Riva and Galli.”

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The suspects, as we read in the clause in which the prosecutor ordered the search and possession of documents, “systematically pollutes the regularity of the selection procedures” in competitions “by replacing the client’s reasoning with a merit-based method and the principle of impartiality”.

And virologist Andreoni – A famous virologist on the front line during the Covid emergency was also investigated, for the same story of the alleged competitions: it is Massimo Andreoni, full professor at Sapienza in Rome, scientific director of the Italian Society of Infectious Diseases and chief physician of the Tor Vergata Infirmary. Andreoni answers falsely in competition with Galle and his other colleagues as a member of the jury for the competition launched in July 2020 for a second-class professor at the University of Turin.

The Public Prosecutor of the Lombardy capital has also implemented four requests for the delivery of instruments and documents with the possibility of searching in the event of non-delivery, and nine requests for the delivery of instruments and documents; Nine ordinances for submission of original documents, including obtaining the contents of e-mail boxes of 29 personal e-mail messages from teachers and used in universities.